How far do you value your friendship

I’m male and my best friend is female, we have a very special friendship, both our friends and family that know about our special friendship think it’s weird.
We have been spoken to many times from just about everyone personal in our life’s saying we should try and move on.
I understand what they are trying to say, we both know if we were to meet a partner they wouldn’t like our friendship how it is.
We have grown up together, we’ve been on holidays together, slept in the same bed, seen each other naked, nothing sexual we are just good friends.
Because our friendship is of the opposite sex people don’t like it.
How far do you value your friendship?

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  • Yeah but why don’t you try go out with her? That would be awesome, your girlfriend being your best friend that would be amazing

  • WHAT?

    Why are you letting other people try to dictate how you spend your time, or who you decide to value?

    You do not have to live your life to please other people or meet their standards. A close friendship like yours should be treasured for the rare thing it is, even if it is unconventional.

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