Is it cheating

Many years ago my best friend was female the village where we lived didn’t have many other people of the same age.
Naturally we formed a good friendship, over time needs got to us and we had sex, both of us were virgins and we taught and worked it out ourselves, it wasn’t a boyfriend girlfriend thing we just had sex when we both wanted it.
Basically two good friends helping each other out.
Our friendship like this went on for three years so we did build up a personal respect that was deep for each other but never had the feelings you would have in a true relationship.
She and I both moved on and met new partners and got married and over time we slowly didn’t make contact with each other.
9 years later her mother died my parents told me about this and I attended the funeral, at the funeral we saw each other for the first time, after the funeral she wouldn’t let go of my hand, she told me life with her husband is to serious and she wanted life like how we did.
She told her husband she wanted to stay with her dad for a few days, I skipped off work for four days to spend time with her.
We just hung out together talking about old times, it was great to be with someone you didn’t have to prove anything too, on my fourth day of calling in sick we spent the day at my parents house as it was empty, we cuddled a lot danced together just doing what we used to do and without anything being said we both went to my old bedroom and had sex, we both sat down after and admit it was both what we needed, it was two friends helping each other out.


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  • Yes it's cheating, just keep it to yourself.

  • Yes, it's still cheating.

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