Taking a co-workers wife

One of my first experiences cuckolding someone came by accident really. A co-worker who i actually became friends with and hung out at his house many times. I definitely noticed his girlfriend as an attractive woman. Petite blonde with a cute face. She was always very friendly with me but I never really thought anything of it.
Well one day he asked me to help with his computer. I’m not the smartest but I know a few things. While running my programs I looked at his history and found lots of BBC videos with blondes. I thought it was weird but just laughed it off. I also saw some pics of his woman naked and using her black dildo. They both seemed fixated on interracial porn.
I filed it away in my mind and time passed.
One night while I was at a club I saw his girlfriend. He wasn’t there and was on call with work. I talked to her and bought her a few drinks. Again she was very nice and flirty with me. I noticed,but turned my attention to her friend. She was OK looking but I just didn’t want this flirting to go too far. They invited me with them to their house for drinks after. It was the 4 of us now and I couldn’t help but notice his girlfriend (let’s call her Emily) getting irritated that i was talking to and flirting with her friend. She kept interrupting and ignoring her boyfriend. She suggested smoking a joint and I started rolling up. Her friend didn’t smoke and neither did her man. So it ended up being me and Emily smoking in their garage. She was playing music on her phone and kept wanting to dance. She was definitely feeling no pain at this point and I chalked it up to that. She was grinding all over my dick with her ass and several times grabbed my ass. I suggested getting back and she genuinely seemed sad. I Joked with her about all of us getting some tonight as I think her friend is interested in me. Under her breath she said lucky fkn bitch. We drank more and had some laughs and her friend was staying over in their spare room. I fucked her friend who was a moaner for sure but not the best head I’ve ever had.
The next morning my buddy was telling me it sounded like I had a good night. I said your girl was pretty buzzed up and that he too should have had some fun as well. He smiled but said nah he just went to sleep as Emily passed out. He said he tried while they were listening to us but had no luck. He said she seemed distracted by our noise at first. I kinda felt bad and apologized. He said don’t sweat it. That was Friday. I went home and went about my day. I got a text later asking if I wanted to come have some drinks with him and his girlfriend and her other friend. I said yea as long as it’s not the other loud one.
We had some drinks and her friend cancelled. We played some cards and she wanted to smoke again. While we did we talked about her moaning friend. She said it sounded amazing. I explained it wasn’t the best for me. She was curious as to why it wasn’t. I explained that she just laid there and her head sucked and was limited. She said oh what a shame and proceeded to tell me how she loves sucking dick and that she can share my pain as Daniel (her boyfriend) wasn’t long enough to do many positions. I said too much info! We laughed. She danced on me again and actually made me hard telling me how she likes sex and sucking dick. We never mentioned us fucking but it was in the air. We went back to Daniel who was on his computer. He played some music and we watched her dance. I kept pushing him to dance with her, but he wouldn’t. Kept saying he had no rhythm. I explained to him that with the way she dances you don’t need any. I got up to demonstrate. She was grinding on me in front of him. I laughed it off and went to sit back down when she grabbed my arm and insisted I stay. I looked at him and he shrugged. He said Emily maybe you shouldn’t drink anymore. She just kept dancing and rubbing up on me. At this point it’s getting really awkward and I’m thinking I should leave as Daniel is looking uncomfortable. Emily says hell no! Let’s have another drink. He says ok but not too strong please. She said whatever. We take a shot and I’m feeling pretty buzzed myself. I’m definitely turned on from the grinding and at this point I’m thinking of ways I can get him to leave so I can fuck her. I suggest smoking again so I can get her alone and possibly make some moves. She says let’s smoke inside. So we did. While we were she is still trying to grind on me and i said that if she keeps it up she’s going to get fucked and Daniel will be pissed. She whispers that she’d love that and who cares about Daniel. We laughed and I got more bold. Started slapping her ass. I looked at Daniel and he didn’t look happy. I apologized and blamed it on the alcohol. He said he thought Emily had enough to drink and should drink some water or coffee. She gave him the finger. I remembered their porn and made a joke about us dancing (ebony and ivory) I had my hands on her hips and made my way to her pussy. She had tights on and while she grinded her ass on me I was rubbing her pussy through her tights. We were definitely getting carried away. I whispered in her ear “ I’m going to come back and fuck the shit out of you when he’s not here” she Moaned and squirmed while I continued to rub her Pussy. She whispered back that she’ll let me anytime. Daniel is trying to interrupt, but we both are ignoring him. I went to say something to her and instead started kissing her ear and neck. That was it. She started moaning, and we were pretty much going at it. Daniel stopped trying to say anything and just watched with his mouth open. At that point I knew she was mine and this was going to happen. So I told her to tell her man she is going to fuck me. She looked over and looked him in the eyes and said I’m going to fuck him and you are going to be ok with it. He turned red in the face and nodded. I smiled a big smile. I kissed her for a bit then pushed on her shoulders. She fell to her knees and started undoing my pants. She pulled out my cock and went right at it. Licking and sucking lightly at first and using her hands. I took her hands away and said no hands sternly. She nodded with my dick in her mouth. She started deep throating and choking and coughing up spit. It was lovely. I grabbed her by the hair and fucked her face for a bit. I stopped and said were going to the spare room to fuck. I told Daniel he can come and he did. I fucked her doggy style first while talking to her telling her that her Pussy is mine now. She was louder than her friend. She creamed on my dick and came multiple times. We did reverse cowgirl and a couple of other positions. I came 3 times in her face, pussy and stomach. Daniel watched it all.

Woke up the next day to her blowing me. I fucked her missionary and It was kinda romantic kissing and cumming together. It felt really weird as Daniel was making breakfast. I felt bad. I apologized to him and blamed it on the liquor. He said don't worry he was mad at first, but he was turned on by it. I was surprised as hell. We ate and talked about it. We all decided we’ll do it again as much as possible. Days later Daniel told me he had the best sex he’s ever had after that. He joked I saved his relationship. I fucked and got head from her all the time after that. Sometimes he’d come home and I’d be getting a blowjob on his coach. He’d pass me a beer as if it was nothing. This continued until they moved away. We still keep in touch.


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  • Bull shit story.

  • All facts my friend.

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