Husband's in prison (cheating or not?)

My husband is 11 months into serving a 4 year sentence in prison. We have a daughter who is 16 months old. He might get out early if he behaves and stuff, but it is what it is. I've been really lonely, but thankfully I have good friends who include me in stuff. It is the only thing that makes life bearable. I love my husband too, although I know he made some very bad mistakes.

My best friend at work is younger (she's 20, I'm 33), and she has been a great companion, and has included me in a lot of activities, which keeps me from being lonely. She's single, and has let me meet and hook up with a lot of her friends. We've been going out with guys, dancing, and yes, doing some sucking and fucking too. I've told the guys not to get too attached, because I'm not into having a relationship with anyone, because I'm married and love my husband.

I have not told my husband that I've been doing the dirty with other guys while he's locked up. He's a jealous type, and I think it would make him insane. Is my behavior justified? I don't think there is a problem with having guys over for casual sex at this time. It's nice to have company and to wake up with people in the house in the morning.

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  • You say you love your husband yet you cheat on him. How deluded and stupid can you possibly be?

  • He will try to murder the guys when he gets out. You know that, it’s what white trash does.

  • I feel so sorry for your daughter. A father in prison and a whore for a mother. That girl doesn't have a chance!

  • She wil be just like mom, a whore that lends out her body for opoiads and cigarettes

  • Your husband has been defined as "social trash" by the legal justice system. That is why he is in prison. I'd look for an upgrade if I were you. As far as getting great young dick on the side, go for it. Fall in love with someone who can follow society's rules. I hope you can move on from that loser.

  • There is absolutely nothing right about this, if you ever even candidly considered having sex with a man other than your husband, especially when he's not okay with it and you know that to be the case, then you should have never gotten married to him.

  • Have a way to contact you?

  • Extremely sexy. Keep doing it! Would love to hear more details..

  • Well for starters a vibrating dildo will get you through if you truly loved your husband. If he committed a serious crime he would be doing more than four years so it sounds like he could change if he truly wants to do it.
    But it certainly looks like you are willing to move on if you doing one night stands with other men. So I guess you have to ask yourself if he is worth waiting for to return to the marriage.
    Good Luck.

  • Nothing wrong with getting sausage from another while your little piggie is locked up

  • Don't worry, your husband is also refraining from telling you he is doing the dirty with other guys while he's locked up.

  • Hes probably getting more cock than her

  • Yep...... whether he wants it or not. SO GO GET IT!

  • You should definitely be seeing other people. Nothing wrong with it at all.

  • Nothing like waking up too some dick

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