I flash and flirt with my mom because I think it's hot

I'm a 14-year-old girl. My mom's in her 40s, chubby but sexy, big butt/belly/boobs/etc. She's the kind of woman I've been attracted to ever since I realized I like women.

Lately, I've been almost-flashing her and making lots of subtle and not-subtle flirty hints at her. Like, I'll walk from the bathroom to my room with no towel or clothes on after I shower, when I know she'll see me. Or I'll hug her from behind when my nipples are really hard so she'll feel them pressing on her back. Or if she's on the couch watching TV, I'll sit directly in front of her and lean back into her lap or belly; once, I caught her in just her bathrobe and. slowly, undid the rope at the front so her whole front was right up against me ... had a VERY good time with that :)

We just got back from a Spring Break trip, and I don't think I wore any real clothes around her the whole time. I let her see my ass, my boobs, everything I could. In our hotel room, I'd have whole conversations with her naked, and she'd try not to look, but I know she looked anyway.

I kissed her for the first time--really kissed her, on the lips, with tongue--last night. She laughed it off at the time, but ... We got back home today and she's been in her room with her "back massager" for hours.

Think I should knock?


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  • Don't bother knocking

  • Same age gang

  • Yeah then use it in her

  • Sweetie it's called a dildo she is masturbating, leave her alone

  • At least you know she's got you in mind as she's wanking

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