Is it bad

I have questions to ask and things to confess
At my school some girls wear really revealing clothes and it's like really hard to not stare I feel like it's rude to stare even though I really want too but "is it rude to stare at someone who's walking in public wearing revealing clothes? "
I've been caught staring before and they just look at me untill one of us leaves. Are they mad that I glanced at them ? Or what it's just been something I've wondered for a while

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  • In the 80s, when I was young, and my tits were big and still perky, I went to a school with a uniform. After school, or before a class with a certain teacher, I would slip off my panties, and roll up my skirt a little, so when I sat down, I could spread my legs and show a peek at my pussy. I never wore a bra, even though I need one, so I would use my vest to push them together and unbutton my blouse as far as it could go. I LOVED the way men would look at me. Women WANT you to look. I always respected the guys that were forceful though.

  • Who cares what they think. If they wear it they want the looks, and even if they don’t they still deserve it because it is not your right to dress revealingly and then condemn people for looking. As far as I’m concerned if you dress that way you have zero right to object when us guys look. It’s like going to a bad area of town and expecting not to be mugged. Don’t want to be looked at? Don’t dress that way. Otherwise get used to it. I’m going to look if you’re going to show it off and I literally don’t care if you are uncomfortable with that.

  • This is one of those totally messed-up things that girls often do. They purposefully wear sexually enticing clothes (why else wear low-cut crop tops in cold weather - can't be for the function) then accuse males of being creeps for staring. Not only that, but it all depends on who's doing the staring. Ask any girl you know who wears revealing clothes as to whether she wouldn't mind having a "hot" guy stare rather than an "ugly" guy. 10 times out of 10 they'd be fine with the hot guy staring at them. But how do you know if you are the "hot guy" don't. Chicks man. They have not idea how much they actually have.

  • The dichotomy is some females dress in revealing clothes and then think of you as a perv if your "look" is slightly to long. It's aggravating as hell.

  • They want you to look, girl's that wear yoga pants are presenting there camel toe with full knowledge that there labia is on display. All women look at themselves in a mirror before they go out in public. They can't say that they don't feel the material wedged between there labia. Never feel bad for looking at what is presented in public, don't be creepy and stare to long. Get your look and smile if you are notice
    looking. They wouldn't dress provocative if they didn't want the attention. If a woman's breasts are barely covered, a man or woman can't be expected not to look.

  • It’s rude to stare.

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