I love exposing myself but

Months ago I was getting dirty with my husband of 1 year. He whispered in my ear if I wanted men to stare at my exposed pussy and jerk off to me while I spread my legs in public. Something about that got me so wet and after months the desire grew stronger and stronger. Now when I'm out I make sure to never wear a bra or underwear and I wear skimpy clothing so guys can stare at me which turns me on so much. My husband also loves it when I play with my tits for guys, show them my pussy, and always cums when I ask him if he wants me to fuck myself in front of every hard stranger staring at me
Lately, there's something I can't stop thinking of. I fantasize about fucking every man who I expose myself to. I have an amazing body and I love showing off. Rubbing my pussy and playing with my tits isn't enough. I asked my husband in a moment of heat last night while he was talking dirty if he wanted me to grind my naked ass on men's hard cocks until they'd cum. He said that would be the hottest thing I've ever done and that I should grind up on every man that I show my body to and let them cover my ass. Was he caught in the heat of the moment or does he really want me to be a hot wife and grind me ass against cocks? I can't stop thinking about strangers sliding their cocks in me. I want to get caught fucking myself and slide my pussy on their hard cocks. But I'm scared that if I do I'll want this from every guy. Should I stick to just teasing men from a distance or should I embrace the slut in me and fuck them all

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  • You should definitely do it. You’re going to do it eventually.

  • My wife is I would say a bit tamer than you, but when she was in the mood and the time was right, would suck a guy's cock. and after even more dirty talk would sneak in a cock in her pussy.
    Never for a long time, long enough for both to cum and then move on.
    It's the most fun I have ever had.

  • For years I've been a tease for my husbands friends then one afternoon I went all the way with my husbands brother started out just grinding against him feeling his hardening cock against my puss was a bit more than I could take dropped my panties and took him in me for nearly two hours making him cum in me three times.
    I love his bigger and thicker cock far more than my husbands and now he'll come over and fuck me at will even in front of my husband.

  • Sounds like you would be a great cum dump. I love meeting and enjoying cum dumps they are so hot. They need sex I need sex a match made in heaven. I have dated several of them and have shared them with my friends. A good time was had by all.

  • I hear a gang bang coming , maybe some black cocks. My husband likes to watch too.

  • Do it for sure. I would love to be one of those guys and shoot my load all over you

  • Yup, he wants to watch,
    Eventually hell want to watch you get fucked. Enjoy it

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