I like to expose my buttcrack

When I was younger, there was a maid who cleaned the house where I lived... As time went by, I noticed that she wore jeans with a low waistband and most of the time when she bent down or sat down, I saw the Her buttcrack, usually showed one or two fingers of the ass... In that I started to discover my fetish with this situation. One day I thought, I'm going to start showing my butt too, but of course, with intention... I started walking around the house without a shirt and wearing shorts or pants without a belt and without underwear... Every time I walked by her, I squatted or dropped my pants for her to see and she looked but said nothing... In all of this, I discovered my fetish for seeing and showing my buttcrack.

16 days ago

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    • I'd rather lick a buttcrack. Just saying. My girlfriend has a great smelling ass. I think cause her cheeks are so big and they rub together she gets this slimy slick fungus that is really smelly. I call it her Crack jelly. She has a hard time washing with her short arms. Usually we shower together and I wash her twat and ass . She washes my cock, balls , and ass.

    • I love seeing buttcrack .

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