First date ladies

Girls question for you if you have sex after first date. Do you swallow a guys load, let him cum inside you or he cum on your body?

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  • Depends on how much potential the guy has. If I think he is second date worthy and more then he is welcome to cum in any of my holes. Face it if he is going to be a long term bf then he is going to get them all anyway.

  • Man here. I had it all. Twice I even fucked a girl in her ass, first night. The first time it happened, the girl had previously gave me a blowjob and swallowed it all. The best sex night in my entire life.

  • I’m married now but if I dated anyone I was willing to do anything. Most guys didn’t have the nerve to try though. The ones that did usually gave me a good time. I always swallowed to impress a guy or did any sex act to show I was good at sex.

  • For me it really depends on the guy and the situation. My current boyfriend and I has been flirting at work for months. He was obsessed with my arse and had been making suggestive remarks about he wanted to take me up the bum. So on our first date and after lots of alcohol we had anal sex (But with a condom on) as I say I would not normally do this but it had kinda been building up to it.

  • Oh don't you meant whore question? Because any girl who put out, on the first date, isn't worth the shit on my shoe. Have some respect for yourself- not chlamydia.

  • It's honestly dealers choice. Wherever a guy wants to fun he gets to. On me, in Me. I don't care.

  • In college when I first started going on dates, I would swallow loads because I wasn't on birth control. But eventually I'd let guys cum in me cause I was on birth control.

  • It depends on the guy. One guy I met for a date was very much a dominate man. Got me back to his place and came in me he said he didn't wear condoms Andi would have to accept it. I did. Lol

  • I want to be treated like that

  • Then get treated like that. Find a dominate man. Let him be dominate. Don't say no.

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