So I'm a 27 married woman with a kid. I also feel like a sick human being. I'm part of an online fetish site. That's not what makes me sick. What makes me sick is that I literally can't get off without thinking about getting raped and creampied.
Through the online site I started chatting with a guy and we get pretty explicit. We started chatting about a year ago about my desires and constantly throwing around doing it in real life.
Well this weekend he's booked a motel near a porn theater with a "reputation." I've agreed to participate in rape play and forfeited my ability to renig my consent. After he rapes me for a couple of hours we're going to the porn theater so we can pick up some guys. I'm taking all of them bare with the intention of being filled with their loads.
I feel disgusting and at the same time so ready for the entire scenario. Am I awful? I don't know.

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  • I've lost count of how many times I've been raped, my husband sets it up, they're always black, often there's more than one, some times he ties me, some times he gets me drunk.

  • Wish she would come back and share how it went.

  • Mmm you filthy little slut...

  • We share similar interests. Best of luck. Maybe you can let us know the results?

  • Fuck I wish this was me. I just wanna be gang raped and humiliated by a ton of guys abusing my little body. Just gets me wet thinking about it.

  • You are simply opening up to your natural instincts. Women were made to be used by men and apease their needs. Nothing wrong with it.
    Please update with details so we know what a good woman you are.

  • Enjoy your fantasy. I would like to hear more when it happens

  • Definitely

  • You never renig your rights, if it goes too far for you just say so. Do as much as you want, but you ALWAYS have the right to leave

  • Your not awful, enjoy your fantasy

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