Flirting with the neighbor

In the 4 years living where I am I can honestly say I’ve only spoken to my neighbor a handful of times.
That all changed towards the end of summer last year, she locked herself out and knock on my door asking for help.
I managed to get in and in doing so we were laughing and joking about lots of things.
She is a really funny lady, very quick witted and twists you’re words to make it funny.
Since that day whenever we see each other we throw a load of abuse at each other, in a funny way that is.
Now that “abuse” has got sexual but still in a funny way.
The last conversation I had with here was talking to her over the fence in the garden, jokingly she said I’m not sure I can trust you, why’s that I asked, how do I know what you’re doing with your hands behind that fence, you interested to find out, not sure the price of a fence panel is worth finding out, if it wasn’t for the cold weather and her wanting to go in I’m sure it might had lead to something.
Whenever we say goodbye to each other as she walks away she says, still waiting for my coffee invite.
Here’s the but, she is married, last thing I want is her big hairy husband knocking on my door.

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  • I suspect she has that figured out. Next time you see her ask if she likes her coffee with cream and sugar. After all, it is just a coffee invite...

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