I’m shocked

Fell out of friendship with my mate for over 10 years, when we hooked up again he had divorced his wife and remarried.
We slowly started making more contact with each other, he told me about his ex then he told me about his new wife.
I said it sounds great really pleased for you, she seems perfect for you, I know he said, you should have a go you’re welcome too.
What do you mean I asked, fuck her he said, you’re joking I said, no mate you help yourself I don’t mind and she will love it.
I said I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that, he said no worries, you know where she is if you change your mind, then went on chatting about other things.
10 years ago I would have put money on my mate not letting anyone near his wife let alone fuck her, he was a very jealous person.
How does someone change like this?

4 months ago


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    • He doesn't Did you think it might be a test to see if he could trust you still?

    • I was always a jealous boyfriend. My girlfriends hated how suspicious I was. I got dumped a couple times which made me worse. My roommate had a hot girlfriend, I'd pretend to be sleeping and watch them fuck like porn stars. I just had to have her. He gets a good job 2,000 miles away and they split. I ask her out. I still can't stop fucking her, she's my wife. I not at all jealous anymore. I'd never bring a buddy home to fuck or anything. But some how I came home early and the handyman was fucking her I'd watch.. It's such a joy to see her fuck.

    • Why don't you ask him what changed? He has probably done this with someone else already.

    • Insanity or other mental illness. Please do what your instincts are telling you and avoid the situation altogether. Something very wrong is happening there. Nothing good can possibly come from it.

    • Cuckolding is not a mental illness.

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