Sluty mom

I will start by saying I love my sons cock and the way he makes me take it. He has made me do some real sick/nasty/perverted things for him. I love it all I love being his submissive slut and will do anything he wants. He watches a lot of porn for new ideas to do with me and has told me to ask around if any one has any good ideas for him so let us know thanks.

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  • Maybe he could pimp you out to his buddies or share you with a lesbian bull dyke

  • 2 weeks since site is updated...... SUCKS! Even though it is free it still sucks!!!!

  • Man wheres the new posts this been here over a week

  • Donkey punch.

  • I know for a fact that my buddies soon to be ex wife slept with their son and one of his friends. She's in jail for it right now.

  • Good for her. Due to sexism however, the scumbag most likely is serving a light sentence and getting laid to boot while there.

  • My two step sons does the same to me. One week after their father and I got married Jason the oldest came onto me big time and he didn't listen to me telling him NO he's 17 and has a much thicker cock than his dad and after the first time I couldn't say no to him any longer., A month later Ronnie caught us and joined in making me suck him as Jason was fucking me good making me cum on him over and over. Sometimes as much as three times a day he has his cock buried in my pussy fact is now when I am home alone I don't wear anything beneath my dress just waiting for them to get home from school.

  • Of course any man doesn't listen to NO. After all, it's a man's choice to quell his need, not yours. Jason knew that after feeling his THICK penis once, you'd be addicted to it. A man with a thick penis knows that.

    It's good you learned to do your duty for them after they are home from school. That is part of a loving mother's protocol.

  • Here you go again. With your fake shit.

  • Let him smack you around.

  • I second that a big bucket of BULLSHIT

  • Major eyeroll here. As said below, a bucket of bullshit.

  • If no pic it didn't happen

  • Hold a mom gangbang

  • Have you let him tie you up? I think that would give you some insight into just how twisted he could get with you.

  • Yeh, amy thinks she is clever but slutmom.

  • Sounds like a big bucket of bullshit 😉

  • Video it or show me some on k I k gmancumface1998

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