Ideas needed

How can I simulate my pussy being licked I could have my legs spread all day long if my pussy is being licked.
Looking for ideas how to do this, sensible ideas please.

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  • It’s not u it’s the person doing it to you that doesn’t know the right spots

  • Okay, this is how this one's going to play out. You're going to get an assload of promises from total strangers professing cunnilingus skills of such profound expertise that you need not look any further when, in fact, they haven't kissed a pussy since their cat was a kitten. Or, being the fervent bastion of bestiality that this place is, somebody will offer the services of their dog. Or, you may get some friendly advice from a normal garden variety pervert like me, that, they make toys specifically designed for what you have in mind. Batteries not included.

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