Trained hubby

Are there any other trained husbands out there? I would like to more ideas of how to train my husband or what else to make him do. My husband currently knows when he gets home from work, he is to put on my bra and panties and prepare my dinner. if the door bell rings, he must answer in what he has on. He also has to go outside in the backyard to our party room to get me a bottle of wine each evening. Then he will feed me the food he has prepared before he eats. He knows he must do these things for me or he will never touch me or feel inside me again. He looks so precious in my intimates, but need more ideas to push the limits.

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  • A bunch of dickless wonders and loud mouth cunts.

  • If you could train my husband to be able to hold down a regular job, that would be most awesome!

  • LMAO!

  • Get a fucking job and stop making shit up you freak.

  • I don't think that's nice, your the one that always complain's about Cuckold, Cross Dresser's and male lingerie lover's aren't you ?
    You have an intense wish to do exactly all those things that incite your fantasy imagination when reading those posts but want to sort of say I'me a real man I will not participate other than in my dim dark room on my own watching and reading porn and it's not a lot of fun not having others around, I will put crap on those that do because I am as envious as hell and hate them for having so much fun that I just cannot.
    So piss off if you don't like it.

  • Erm.. actually I'm a female, so....
    And I think you're getting me confused with someone else.

  • OH so sorry however do you like men that wear lingerie and/or cross dress ?

  • Yes so I can dominate them they way my dad did to me

  • That sounds great, would you have him in a cock cage ?
    My man pestered me for months about chastity in the end I was fed up so went ahead, when I first had him shaved cleaned and locked he asked when he was getting out to have a root, I said well I was thinking of next weekend but seeing you are so rude it will be at least four weeks so you better not mention it again you agreed everything would be left to me, since then every Sunday I cuff him behind release him, clean and shave then put on a neck brace so his head is held high plus a ball gag then I grasp his balls tightly and drag him around the house backwards, he is getting very obedient and does everything I want, I have been flirting with a nice young stud from work and am going to start shagging with him, hubby will move to our granny flat so I can have Terry over whenever I like, I am not certain hubby is happy about what he wanted now OH well !!!!

  • You need to have that cuck wipe Terry’s ass after he shits.

  • When Terry is there hubby will be in his granny flat, watching and listening through a camera and sound system to everything that is going on in the house, Terry and I went out for dinner the other night and I felt his cock while allowing him to play with my boobs when we were cuddling and kissing it is gigantic he certainly will stretch me but I am getting so very horny every time I see or think of him, I have asked him for lunch Saturday and flirtingly stated "how about staying the night you won't need to bring pyjamas" he has agreed and I clearly saw a bulge, my big boy showing off EH ?
    I even think he might be a virgin, hope so I would just love to train my very own toyboy, if he has never shagged before it will be so great he can take me with my big boy naked, if he has it will be condom till he is tested, I better get a few packs in just in case "extra large"

  • Honey you are just starting a new era just love it your man pestered for chastity and got what he wanted well maybe not eh so funny but now he is in it for the long haul so humiliating having to watch you with your new young lad with a gigantic prick to please hope he rides bareback it will be so good training him xxxx

  • Each to their own.

  • HUH?

  • A woman that attempted that shit with me would get an education what a real man is in a New York second and wished my boot wasn't up her ass.

  • I would really love to get my hands on you buster, you would be as meek as a little mouse in moments, the cock cage would be on and locked in a flash and you would soon be wearing FEMME gear plus make up and wig eager to please my every whim

  • Yea right, little tough guy pussy cuck

  • Take him shopping and ensure he purchases his own lingerie ensure the sales girls know what you are buying is for him, say things like do you like these, we are pretty sure that is his size, these will go well with your new skirt and blouse etc.
    He needs plenty of humiliation.
    Ask a couple of your girlfriends around on the weekend and make sure he stays in his sexy pantie, bra set and heels and is made up.
    My husband strayed once at an office Xmas party with the bosses wife four years ago no one else found out it just happened that I walked into his office and caught them, he has been in a cock cage since plus wearing Femme all the time when home, he does everything I want and is very obedient, I had him bring the bosses slut around and took plenty of photo's of her naked and in all sorts of rude poses even a couple with our dog so they are both quite scared of me, his cage comes off once a week for cleaning at the same time I shave him and tease him to precum then he is locked again, I have had him denied an orgasm for seven weeks once and am thinking of bettering that record by another five weeks now just because I can.
    All the best Darling hope you get plenty of ideas xxx

  • My Mrs. took me took a shoe shop like that, for plus size feet, complimenting me together with the shop lady about the way i held myself in these 4 inch heels while I paraded about. It was a thrill and certainly no punishment.

  • OH Darling you certainly need to go a whole lot further he needs to be wearing nighties, suspenders, stockings and heels also made up and a wig with earrings.
    After he is used to those you can start expanding into dresses, blouses, skirts, hotpant's, also get some specific male PVC panties.
    All the best xxxxx

  • You're the one who wrote this, so why are you answering yourself. Maybe you should join a tranny group as that's all you talk about. Cock cages and dogs. Just Piss off.

  • OH dear we are getting jealous ar'nt we my little precious, I am Mistress Brenda known as "Fender Bender Brenda" I really would like to meet you and show you the joy's that can be attained if you let your female side arise, you would need to sign up for one of my courses and allow at least three week's away at my SPECIAL ranch, but it would be very enjoyable for me anyway.

  • I really hope you can get your hands on this little prick Mistress Brenda, he would be as weak as piss within seconds.

  • Hmmm how thick are you to all insinuate I'm a "He"
    Women like REAL men. Not ones who pretend they are girls because their mommy's didn't love them enough. #gross

  • No sorry wrong person Buddy

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