Me and my roommate

We were roommates in our freshman year. In our sophomore year we decided to room off campus. We found this nice two bedroom apartment, it was furnished with one double bed and in the other room two single beds. While we were looking at it, she asked me in front of the lady showing us the apartment which side of the bed I wanted. Not which room, which side of the bed. The lady turned us down, she didn't want queers living in her apartment.

We found another place, a one bedroom. Her side of the bed was right beside me, on me, with her arms around me, talking stuff, kissing me goodnight. And the naked stuff, spread out on the bed naked, tearing my shirt off naked, getting in the shower with me naked. Clamping herself on my tit naked. Taking all her clothes off under the covers naked.

Her incessant kissing, everything is about kissing. God she has this oral fixation. Just latch onto my tit and be quiet.

We finally graduated and we are in Philadelphia with our new jobs, living in a two bedroom apartment, with a guest room and a girl who cannot find her side of the bed. Good thing I don't like dick.

Come latch on to my tit and finger me.

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