Naked at night in Deerfield IL

I grew up in Deerfield IL north of Chicago. My parents lived in a ranch house and my bedroom window looked out on the side yard. In the summer between my junior and senior years in high school, I started sneaking out of the house around 3:00 a.m. by climbing out my window. I'd immediately strip out of my pajamas and go walking around our neighborhood in the nude, sporting my raging 8" teenage boner.

At first I stuck close to our immediate neighborhood. But as I did this more and more often, I soon realized that nobody could see me (the residential streets in Deerfield are poorly lit) and nobody was around. If a car ever approached (like a cop car), I either saw it or heard it in plenty of time to find cover. So I got bolder.

We lived about a mile from the high school. I started walking there in the nude. Once on the school grounds, I walked all around the perimeter of the building and all around the surrounding athletic fields. I'd find a nice spot to sit down against a tree or on a bench so that I could masturbate while taking in my surroundings and thinking of all the girls that I wanted to fuck right then and there.

My best friend lived in the opposite direction of the high school, a full two miles away. I walked to his house in the nude. I'd sit on his front porch and beat off over thoughts of him fucking me right there in his front yard. I wanted him to buttfuck me so badly.

I got so brazen doing this that I was often gone for over an hour, climbing back into my bedroom through the window at 4:30 a.m. sometimes.

I never got caught, and the orgasms I had were intense to say the least.


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  • I live in Deerfield IL and just saw this post. All I can say is WOW. You're right about the residential streets being poorly lit at least in the part of town where I live (near Walden Elementary).

    My wife is leaving me home alone for an entire week in May when she goes on a business trip. I'M GONNA DO THIS!

  • I wish I had seen you, I would have helped you get off.

  • Are you a guy or a girl? And how would you have helped me get off?

  • My most brazen night was when I left the house around 3:00 a.m. (per usual) and walked all around Deerfield FOR MILES. I even crossed over Deerfield Road (one of the two main streets running through Deerfield, the other one being Waukegan Road). My parents had moved us across town so I wanted to visit my old neighborhood with absolutely nothing on. Once there, I meandered through the old subdivision stopping by the houses of girls that I'd always fantasized about. My first girlfriend's house was DEEP in that subdivision, and when I finally got to her house I plopped myself down on her patio leaning up against their sliding glass doors and beat off...fantasizing about me doing her right then and there. I shot ROPES of cum all over their patio.

    I didn't get back to my bedroom until 4:30 a.m.

  • We all saw you. 8”.... yeah right

  • What can I say... I'm Italian

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