Weird relationship with sister

My sister and I have always been comfortable talking about sex with each other. She lets me give her massages and like when we're home alone would walk around completely naked. She used to go out with a girl and they had sex all the time, and she told me they broke up cause the girl wanted to have sex with me. My sister told me to go for it and was talking about how good her pussy tastes. Like it's weird how we have these convos. I've shown her my dick and she told me it was impressive. And when I was 14 and she was 13 she used to come into my bed and like we'd sleep in the same bed naked together. Is this all weird?

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  • It's not wired, it's every single man/preteen's fantacy

  • Your experiences aren't weird at all. They are only uncommon. The only issue I find weird is your failure to mention ANY sexual activity coinciding with a healthy boy & girl sleeping naked in the same bed. I'm sure I'm not alone wondering how that could possibly occur, when your Penis HAD to be at full erection!! Instinct alone would have dictated copulation with your sister.
    Frankly, I'm astonished.

  • We were quite young at the time so sex didn't pass our minds. If I offered her sex now she would probably accept, but I don't really want to. I've kissed her a few times but that's it. Idk if I should try something or not cause our relationship is pretty chill

  • Why don't you say it you want to fuck your sister why didn't you when you were both naked in bed, or did you and don't like to admit to it

  • Well i don't really wanna fuck her, cause that's like really wrong. Sure I fancy her, she is quite hot but I wouldn't fuck her. I just don't mind being naked around her

  • It appears his omission needs no support however it leaves little doubt as to nature and instinct dictating any healthy male's actions.

  • I don't think you're weird at all just loving towards your sister.
    Ever since I can remember 6 or 7 I would sleep with my older brother and we talked about everything. At 14 he took my cherry and I loved getting fucked so much at times I almost raped him to get him to fuck me. I had and still have a high sex drive and when talking he'd tell me that four or five guys were waiting to take over after he came and I'd get hotter by the minute and cum hard all over him.
    He knew just how to get to me so I'd give in to him and I knew just how to get to him too.

    We now live as husband and wife and have been doing so for the past 15 years, he's 37 now and I am 35 and believe me I wouldn't want it any other way.

  • I'm the guy who wrote this thing, and as much as I have a sexually open relationship with my sister I would never do that. Married? And had sex? It's a bit much

  • That is nothing short of excellent girl. I seldom read of sibling marriages however with the familial foundation of love already in place, it is no surprise that your marriage will last as you vowed it to.

  • Yes but weird isn't necessarily bad

  • Some brothers and sisters are lucky enough to be that close. I had a friend that was that close with his sister and they were not shy about it.

  • Sometimes brother and sister get in bed together for comfort but not naked, two naked bodies in one bed is sexual and will lead to a relationship

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