Military mom

when I just turned 16 my mom was being deployed over seas for a year so she aske me to take care of daddy while she was gone. I said I would but then I asked what did I need to do and she said your daddyy has needs at night and they should be taken care of. I knew what mom was talking about because I could here them some times getting it on. I had two brothers one in collage the other married and they were both gone all the time. I'm five ft three with Blond Hair and Blue eyes and 36 in boobs 26 in waist and 32 in butt. The first night was hard on daddy he came home and sat on the couch so I sat next to him and said daddy we all miss her like you do. Then I leaned over and put my arms around him and he said Brenda what are you doing I said what moma asked me to do. I'm taking care of daddy ok. Later on that night daddy got up and went to the bed room and took off his clothes and got in the bed. In a little while I put on my sheer teddy and thongs and went to his room and again he said Brenda what are you doing girl. Moma ask me to take care of your needs while she is gone and you are going to be taken care of. I reached down and pulled his pjs bottoms off and again he said Brenda what are you doing and I said moma said you like to get your dick sucked at night no need to stop now. I look down and it was over 11 inc long and 5.5 inch round . I said Daddy I'm going to try it but only half at a time. It was hugh but I made it and then I though about it I'm a virgin how am I going to take all that with out dieding. Daddy put it in really slow and didn't force it I could feel the pressure but never complained until he had it all the way in and was slidding it in and out. I was about split in half but to complain was no reason. Moma did this every night so could I. Finnaly I felt him getting biggher and bigger all of the suden he started shooting a big hot load of cum insidr my stomach and I mean It was hot. but I didn't say a word just let it cool on down then I kissed daddy and said good night. I did this samething under two more deployments that's where Jennifer , Josh ,and James came from. I don't regreat any of it at all. except daddy is gone now.

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  • Wow so much hate mail.
    True or not maybe it's just a girls dream so what, besides it does happen more that what you may like.

  • Okay, right.

  • 5.5 inch wide lmao, wot'n tarnation

  • You better read that again 5.5 inches around not diameter.

  • It happens sex between father's and daughters all the time it's happened since the beginning of time. While yes its wrong by society it's doesn't change this fact. Society also said sex between same sex people is also wrong it happens. But today its OK if a man and man women and women are a couple. It's wrong in many religions but why is it suddenly OK in today's society? If a father daughter find a sexual connection and consent mutually why is it society's business? How can religion such as the bible consider it wrong how do we know it's wrong by biblical standards. I've always been confused how a text exist today from 2000 yrs ago when the first printing press wasn't made till the 1500's. How do we know the information wasn't changed and where did they copy it from? Seems to me people rewrote thing to fit their own insight what they seen fit. Incest has been proven to exist between many royal families. Maybe it's because they can't tax own desires to seek pleasure.

  • You know you lie, we know you lie just admit it and move on OK ?

  • I'm no lier who are you to judge any way what are you a morfidite.

  • Yes we know you just lie all the time so you should just go on and leave us alone.

  • I don't lie like a bunch of you people some of you are to dum to know the truth whe it hit you in the head

  • Darling, of course that is assuming you actually are female and maybe that could well be in dispute, your the only fiber on this post so accept it admit it and move on OK?

  • I'm a lady and you are you are in dispute of being a man so i guess you should just move on.

  • Now Darling don't carry on like this is upsetting you, none of it is true and you know that almost everybody can easily pick a fake like this

  • Now Darling did the doctor make a mistake in you gender when you was born.

  • You are a fake so just go on and leave us alone ok.

  • I had a friend in the British army.His wife was lonely when he was away,I soon put a stop to that.Paying her visits led to me fucking her brains out.She said the army changed him and he never wanted sex anymore so she was always happy to screw me.

  • Send me an email adress and we can talk about it since they are so smart on here. my email is

  • Nothing forget it I'm sorry I responde.

  • Dont listen too them honey. My wife left my now 12 year old daughter and i over four years ago and we have become partners in many ways. She has being shareing my bed over two years now.

  • You and other's like you make me sick, your a pedo crawl back into your little snake pit you prick

  • You don't know how sick you and others like you are

  • Why. Its natural and she also loves it..

  • Thank fuck for that.

  • What are we gonna talk about?

  • For get it i'm gone not comming back fou anything

  • Ignore these morons honey. Im here too listen too you.

  • When do you want to talk about it baby. I'm

  • Anytime you want

  • Yeah right.

  • Yes it always has been. but since there are so many on here who hate me I'm going to cut it off and maybe they can go back to there rawconfessions and mess with somebody else. thanks for your comment it means so much to me to know there are still good people out there that love me.

  • I love you honey and I beleave you. Post back.

  • Thanks and who are you and do you want to chat with me on messenger it ask for invite and I'll bring you in

  • Contact me and we can chatt about ir ok.

  • No seriously everyone hates you. Please leave.

  • Very special daddy daughter sex is a very special bonding experience a bond that can't be broken!

  • For fuck sake, you don’t stop with these fake stories do you? You’re the only one who posts about “fucking daddy” and getting spanked. Why don’t you leave this site and do something about your urges instead of stressing everybody out with your fake bullshit. Fuck your friend’s dad, get spanked by him, whatever you want. Just fuck off already.

  • If you don't like me get the fuck off this site and leave us decent people alone go back to your fuck buddies on raw comfessions.

  • I love you honey and you could share my bed with me.and my 12 year old honey.

  • Johnson413@yahoo.comBrenda

  • So -- decent people idealize pedophilia! Best line since Trump told us about the good people in the American fascist movement.

  • Really niece baby you taking care of your father while mom is gone. You mentioned Jennifer Josh and James are these your childre from your father. leave me an email I would like to talk to you about this.

  • Add me on Snapchat andyc2104

  • Dude shut the fuck up with that. It's all the GD time!

  • Who are You God to judge people the bible says Judge not that ye be judge by what you judge.

  • He’s 12. He has no concept of not being annoying.

  • Only you would know how old you are not me and I really don't care how old you are as long as you leave us the fuck along.

  • You think you are so smart go away and leave me alone you want get any any way.

  • Good girl honey.

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