I love my father

I was six years old when mother up and left my father and me alone at home. Daddy was always busy so I did not bother him a lot. I was homeschooled by our neighbor's wife who was a teacher. She was good to me and for me. After I was about 11yrs old or 12 yrs old Daddy started looking at me funny I thought. So one day I asked him if I was funny looking to him and he said no u are just growing up right in front of me. I said is that good or bad and he said it is good we all grow up.
That got me to look at myself in the mirror and I was looking older. then I said I'm going to do something for dad he is always doing things for me. I said I'm going to let him see me as a woman and see what he does he has been so lonesome. I was starting to see my boobs grow and so I decided to start walking around the house in a t-shirt and panties and see if that will make daddy happy. That night when he came home I was walking around in my panties and t-shirt and daddy said you look, great baby. He said come over here so I did. I sat down next to him and he was looking me over and said may I touch U baby. Why yes U can dad you know that. He put me in his lap and kissed me on the lips and it felt good first time anybody kissed me we did it long and slow. He ran his hand up my shirt and felt my left boob and said you sure are growing. He pushed my shirt up and sucked on both them and boy was it great. I said daddy I want to sleep in your bed okay. well, that night I got the surprise of my life I saw his big thing as it grew in size and daddy said I want to put this in your tight little pussy okay. He said it would hurt at first but he would be easy and gentle with me so I said okay I will try. So dad slipped my panties down and said you sure are getting some hair on u girl that make u that much sexier. He leaned down and put his tongue on my pussy and licked it until he got me really hot and wet so he put his thing at the end of mine and pushed and it hurt as he stretched me but I let him go ahead and he was slow and gentle with me. And after he got in me and started in and out it felt realy good and I enjoyed every minute of it and said can we do this some more daddy. I love you and so we ended up sleeping to gether until I was old enought to move out but I still went by and gave daddy some every night before going home. I'm 25 now daddy is near 60 and we still enjoy each other to day. Are there any others out there who are like me and daddy. If so tell me about it in an e-mail.

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  • You were a very naughty little girl, but not the only one!!!!
    I have to say that I couldn't resist her advances. I know its wrong but I also know she enjoys what we do.
    She is my sisters step daughter, pretty and precocious and she hates her father.
    I live two doors away am divorced and middle aged. As I work nights I offered to let her come to my house after school to wait until her mum gets home from work. I also have a piano and Sarah was interested in learning to play it.
    It all started innocently enough but Sarah was "very touchy feely" and I responded. She liked the interest I was taking in her tuition and I also noticed that young as she was she was flirting with me. At the keyboard she would pull her skirt up so her knickers were showing, I thought it was just innocence at first but no, I was mistaken.
    One day I was so aroused I put my hand between her thighs, she didn't force it away she took hold of it and pushed it to her vagina. We just sat there for a moment or two not moving and then she started to rub my hand against her vagina, I didn't need any more encouragement, my fingers went into her knickers and I gently masturbated her. After a while we both stopped, I told her that I loved doing that and she thanked me and told me that she would let me do it again.
    This became a regular activity during piano lessons and progressed to kissing, then one day I asked her to come to bed with me,

  • I would love to find a lil girl I could make love to

  • Yes I'm 51 daughter 23 xx

  • Send me an e-mail Makala Johnson20@yahoo.com

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