Brilliant Marketing Plan

I remember when I was younger a brand of roll on deodorant specifically for young women and teens. I can’t remember the brand but the Ads were on TV and the Bottle was about 5 Inches Long with a Rounded Cap (and Nice Girth) with raised beading molded onto it (very vein like but stylish)

Clearly they meant it to look very Phallic and over the weekend a female friend told me of COURSE they made it that way. In the Days before the Internet and Mail Order the young Ladies would clean up the bottle and it became a very effective "My First Dildo"

and you didn’t worry about your Mom finding it because it was just Deodorant LOL

Please Comment if you are aware of this (Female Sexuality is Fascinating)

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  • It’s amazing that women will ruin there whole sexual life with a toy or something larger than a man... a vagina will mold itself to the one he has, provided it’s the only one you allow in.. I believe that’s the way the Divine planned it, to mate for life!
    So mom’s share the knowledge with the young so their not frustrated their whole adult life from a stretched out puss!

  • I only ever had a relationship with one virgin and you are right. After a short time It was as though we fit each other like a finger in a glove

  • Where did you come up with that crap. What happens when she has a baby? That box is stretched out so bad sometimes it tears to the ass. A woman's box will expand and return back to its original shape and size. God has nothing to do about that.

  • I used anything long smooth and thick on myself. My favorite was my bed post. It was at at least 6 inch around, i started with it at 12. Now 30, still have the bed, but it ruined for me with men, they can never fuck me as well as it does.

  • I mostly used hairbrush handles

  • Did it hurt the first time? What else did you try?

  • I remember this

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