Infront of girlfriends parents

I can't get rid of this idea, having sex with my girlfriend while her parents are watching us. Me and her making out all nude on the bed, Rosi & Ed standing next to it all eyes on us. Since they havent seen her little girl naked for many years, my girl sits up and spreads her legs while I tell them to take a close look. "Just in case you didnt noticed what a beautiful young woman Lea became" i tell them. "Look between her legs Rosi, can you see any resemblence to your own flower? I bet yours is just as beautiful no?" Lea starts to touch herself, while her parents looking at her. Speechless, embarrassed, curious and fascinated at the same time.
"You like what you see Ed? Well, there's something else I would like you to show..." And before he knew what was hapening, I already had my stiff penis deep in his daughters mouth. "Not sure if Rosi is as giftet as Lea, but if so, you are a lucky man Ed. And its not only that your girl endures but actually enjoys it a lot sucking dick."

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  • I use to let my mum or dad or sister catch me wanking it made me more exited I suppose I am an exhibitionist

  • I don't think this story is real but it sets the imagination working, has any body out there been watched while having sex,

  • Down under in Sydney Australia In the zoo one afternoon with a gal that worked as a cashier in a big department store had full blown sex with her for hours and many people saw us. It was such a big turn on for both of us and ended up being more than I could handle.

  • I often think what it must be like to have an audience while having sex after my mother caught me wanking I was 14, when I realised she was stood there I shot my load it came out of me in spirts I was so embarrassed, after mum assured me it was normal and not to be ashamed of doing it, I wondered how long she was watching me, I only knew she was there when she gasped, when I wank I always imagine mum watching, I know this is not normal.

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