The night my wife cheated 23 years ago...- 100% real

We were in our mid 20's. Moved to a small town in Iowa. I had a job which required me to fly out of town every other week.

The evening this happed, I had returned home from being away on business. My flight landed in Omaha and I had a one hour drive to our home. Earlier in the afternoon I talked to my wife while I made a connecting flight. It was Friday so we made plans to meet at the small town bar we had visited a few times together in the past.

My flight was delayed so I was about 2 hours late. I tried to call her immediately after I landed to let her know I was on my way. No answer.
It was dusk as I was driving down a rural two lane highway 5 miles out of Council Bluffs when I noticed a Bronco type SUV parked on the gravel shoulder in an area that was surrounded by hills. I remember noticing the parking lights were on but I didn't see anyone in the vehicle.

I arrived to the bar where my wife was to meet me. Her car was in the parking lot but when I went into the bar she was nowhere to be found. I asked the bar tender if he had seen her. He couldn't look me in the eye as he wiped the bar down with a wet rag. He told me she had left about an hour earlier with the bar owner. He said she was pissed that I was late and the bar owner "Ken" talked her into driving over to the casino near Omaha. I asked Monty...the bar tender, what car Ken drives. He said Bronco. I realized at that moment I had passed his car 45 miles away. I couldn't see anyone in it so of course I immediately paint a picture in my mind. My wife was giving him head in reclined seats, they were fucking in the back or they walked up into the hilly terrain next to the road to fuck.

My wife was 25 yrs old. We had been married for about 6-8 months. She was fun and adventurous. She was a "good girl" and she was adventurous. I had my share of highway blowjobs for the three years we were together before this. She liked to have sex in risky places once in a while. I remember a weekend we had visited her parents an hour away from our place when we first started living together. She had totaled a car and her parents bought her another vehicle. We drove to her small hometown together but drove back to our place in separate vehicles. I flagged her to pull over on a gravel road on the edge of our town, not far from our apartment. We were ultra much that we couldn't wait ten minutes to get home. We fucked hard on the hood of her car. One of those quickie sessions that are so intense you cum deep and powerful and the orgasm leaves you light headed and dizzy. When we zipped up, we saw a car parked near a power sub-station about 200 yards away at the gravel road intersection. It was one guy and he had one hell of a show. She was a bit startled but she also liked being watched. You may wonder why I am sharing this fun memory in a story of cheating. Here is why...I had first hand experience with her attraction to have sex in risky places and it only fueled my imagination when I realized she was traveling in that parked Bronco.

She grew up in a small farm town and was considered to be a sweet wonderful person by most. Truth is, she had gorgeous long brown hair, sharp eyes, gorgeous all American girl looks with big tits and great legs. She was about 15-20 lbs overweight but most men who are attracted to women with large natural breasts.....they...we... like that.

While dating, she admitted she had sexual fantasies of seducing older large men. Men like Tony Soprano. She said it was about having the power to seduce. Well, the bar owner just happened to match that description. It didn't help that his bartender told me he had a history of getting in trouble with married women.
I was sick to my stomach. I drove to our home which was only 8 blocks away. It was 9:30 pm. The minutes felt like hours. I drove back to the bar at 11 to see if she had returned. Her car was still parked in the gravel parking lot. She was not inside. I drove home. I repeated this little trip every half hour but stopped going inside the bar after the second visit. Bars closed at 2 a.m. Each time I drove to the bar, the number of parked cars became less and less. I will never forget driving to the bar at 2:15 a.m. The parking lot was completely empty of all cars .... except hers.

2:45 a.m. her car pulls into our driveway. She walked into the front door of our house wasted out of her mind. The drunkest I had seen her. I freaked out. I have never hit a female and I didn't hit her that night but the fight was intense. She denied doing anything wrong. Blamed me for being late, she was bored and thought it would be fun to go to the casino. I had lots of questions while I packed my bags, getting ready to leave her. I bluffed when I told her I saw her parked on the side of the road. While tearfully begging me not to move out, she answered all of my questions. She admitted that was the car she was in. She said he kept feeding her free drinks and admitted she made a bad decision but it was due to alcohol. She denied any sexual contact whatsoever. She said he tried to kiss her but she said no. I asked why they pulled over. She said he got out to mix a drink in the back of the SUV. Then she said they never made it to the casino. Ken had a friend who owned a bar in Council Bluffs so they went there. She admitted they danced a lot and it was dirty dancing. I pictured her grinding her pussy on his thigh as she had done with me several times in the past few years.
It has been 23 years and details fade but I remember very well what happened next. She had been crying while pleading with me not to leave. She was crying when she begged me to wait until morning to make that decision.
I stood there looking at her as I considered waiting until morning to leave. I was amazed while seeing such a drunken mess. Hair a bit tattered, eye liner a bit smeared, button up shirt with top buttons open giving me a view of her firm, full natural breasts and cleavage. My emotions were wild. I went from sick to my stomach, pacing the floor for five hours to raging anger to unexpected intense arousal. It happened fast. I needed to fuck her like a whore, something I had never felt before this night.
She was willing to do anything if it kept me from walking out the door. She stepped forward, grabbed my hand and pulled it hard onto her huge tit. She gave me a wet, luscious deep open mouth kiss while shoving my other hand down her mini skirt. Her underwear was sopping wet. It didn’t feel like a pussy wet from being horny, it felt like she was fucked all night by several men, not just one. It’s hard to explain.
I had never had angry sex with her in the past. We had fights that turned into sex but the anger was always gone. When I wanted a blowjob I would always say mild things like, “how about a hummer?” Never used hard words like cock or cunt. She wouldn’t take the pill for birth control due to side effects and I always pulled out one micro second before orgasm and pump it on her face, tits, ass or stomach. This night was different. I was forceful and treated her like a dirty cheating slut. I told her to get down on her knees and take my cock deep. She responded like a submissive. She went wild. She pulled my cock deep into her throat by grabbing my ass to help keep it deep. She grabbed my shaft with her fist and worked the head of my cock like a pornstar. Picture a school teacher on the PTA behaving like a closet whore nympho slut. That is what my wife had turned into. The whole time I am picturing her sucking the bar owner’s cock in the Bronco and it is driving me crazy horny. I couldn’t hold off. As usual, I began to pull out to pump it onto her cleavage. She shocked the shit out of me ….she grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her mouth. She locked down on my dick and held it in place while she sucked each pulsing wave of cum. The whole time she was whimpering like she was on the verge of cumming. I always go soft after I blow but there I stood with a raging stiff cock. I helped her up, walked her into a t.v. room and laid her on her back on the edge of the bed. Her legs were spread, still in mini skirt but it was up. She was wearing black panties and I could see they were sopping wet. I pulled her panties aside and saw what looked like gooey cum. I told her her cunt was full of sperm and that if she got pregnant from that guy she was on her own. She had a look on her face of fear for moment. She didn't respond to my comment but told me to use her like a dirty girl. It made me rock solid stiff and rammed my cock hard and deep, not caring if I hurt her. She kept telling me she deserved to be punished and told me to use her I knew immediately she fucked that guy. She wasn’t even close to tight. Her pussy had been fucked. I held one hand around her throat and grabbed her tits, using her underwire as a handle to pull my cock as deep into her gash as possible. I don’t know why but I drove my dick as deep as possible while I was pumping my cum. We were both hyper sexual that night. We fucked 5 or 6 times and each time I unloaded inside her knowing it was wrong as a child wasn't in our plan for the first couple of years.
She never admitted to sucking dick or fucking him that night but I know she did.
I was turned on at the thought of another guy unloading in her pussy and I didn't understand it. I eventually admitted to her that I think about her fucking that guy on the side of the road . We ocassionally pretend she fucked him that night and gives me details while we fuck. The details change a bit each time but one that seems constant in this "pretend it happened and tell me about it." He cums, she wants to get fucked more so she deep throats him right after he cums in her to get him hard again because she didn't want him to stop fucking her.


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  • This was how I found out my wife cheated. After a few months of being married, my wife went out with some of her friends. These were the same single friends she was hanging with before we married so I knew there was going to be alcohol involved. When my wife got home, she was drunk and horny so she decided to wake me by straddling my face. I had eaten her quite a few times after I fucked her so I knew what cum tasted like and that unmistakable taste was leaking out of her pussy! I was surprised but incredibly turned on and happy with the way she was sucking my cock so I just went with it and had some of the best sex of my life that night! After that happened I think she got the idea that I was ok with it so it became a weekly thing with her and a regular part of our sex lives. It was a lot of fun but all good things come to an end as this did when she ended up getting knocked up. I guess it was somewhat difficult to keep track of her cycle when she was under the influence of alcohol and hormones!

  • The reason you were turned on and wanted to fuck her right after she cheated is called 'hysterical bonding'. It's a primal thing, kinda like clubbing her on the head and dragging her back to our cave (the clubbing on the head part is very tempting). At the same time, it can also be our way of soothing ourselves. Betrayal is traumatizing by anyone's estimation. And with trauma comes a primal way of seeking comfort. It can seem very disconcerting to be seeking comfort in the arms of the very person who betrayed us. But, if reconciliation is even on your radar, it makes sense to turn to that person. Whatever the reason, it's a reality for many couples.

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