Cosplay part 1

So I just got back from Comic-Con, I was cosplaying as Red Sonja. It's my first time going to Comic-Con and I had something really strange happen, so I was walking through a crowded area between booth's and I felt somebody's hand brush up against my ass, for some reason I thought they were trying to steal my money and quickly checked to make sure if it was still there. A little time went by and then I felt a hand brush up against my ass again I quickly checked my money again, I feel a little naive for this but it wasn't until the 8th time, that I realized he was trying to touch my ass. I really don't know why I was thinking this way, or why I let this happen. But when he started touching me this time I thought he isn't doing anything that he hasn't done already multiple times, and it wasn't bothering me anymore, so I let him touch me.

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