Wife cheated on me with a friend

My wife cheated on me with a friend I used to have from college. I walked in on them while they were fucking in our own living room, I wasnt supposed to be coming home that day and when I opened the door he was ramming his cock in her pussy doggie style against the sofa. At the moment I went crazy, I ran to punch my friend in the face while screaming to my wife that our marriage was over. However after a couple days I calmed down and accepted my wife's apologies. I ended up forgiving her, we completely cut any communication with "my friend" and we continued our marriage.

However from that moment on I cant help but feeling completely emasculated about the whole thing. I mean my friend was FUCKING my wife like a whore, he probably put his cock in her face many times and god knows what other nasty things he probably did to her. I know him, we used to be friends and he used to talk nasty things about the women he used to fuck, he would say things like "oh yeah I had her right here sucking on my cock, licking my balls" or "I fucked that bitch in the ass, she has a nice tight asshole" it humilliates me to think that he might have said those same things about my wife to somebody else and I dont doubt he did.

My wife is a little whore too, she isnt fucking innocent in any way, she wanted to be fucked by him, she probably sucked his cock and swalowed his cum like a whore too!

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  • Get her to make a tape of her fucking then put it on the internet, see how she likes that .

  • I disagree with most of the responses here....you're a lucky man to have an exciting woman as your wife. I totally respect married women who are willing to open their legs for another married man!

  • You are a true chuckle head.

  • Yup another cheater, they never stop cheating, how do I know? I caught my wife cheating too. She begged forgiveness and went right out the next week and did it again with the same guy. First I started cheating on her, then I divorced her. Married women are much easier than single women. I find a lot of single women don't like dick, the married ones love it and go for it when their not getting enough home. I cheated with lot's of them and find most are attractive looking who think there's something wrong with them because he don't want to have sex. After a while of this they decide to take that big chance on their marrige. When somone like me comes along, I pay attention to them, I show them how desirable they are and let them know I'd love to do it with them and about half of them take that chance with me. One woman has cheated on her husband with me infrequently for almost 10 years and still going while I still go for and get other wives who want more dick, some are insatiable whores who can't help themselves once they broke their vows.

  • Yes that's true, all the married women i have had wanted me as much As i wanted them and once they start , they can't stop.

  • Easy. Dump her. Now. You will always have nightmares. Move on. She is not worth it. There is a better woman waiting for you. Dump her. Now.

  • Dude, you need to split and deep six the relationship. Once a cheater always a cheater and you will never have any peace of mind as long as you live. No man with any self respect would remain in this marriage. You cut the cord with the former friend and do likewise with the former wife. Neither care for you or respect you one bit as proven by this affair. My guess is this isn't the only time it happened either. Cut your losses and move on. There are plenty of fine women out there that would totally devote themselves to you if given the chance. Go get one of them now.

  • Either cut the brake lines on his ride or set up a car bomb on the ignition.
    He'll never know what hit him.

  • It sounds like you're trying to forgive your wife, but you still have a hate on for him. I don't think you've truly forgiven her either. Perhaps you should sit down with her and ask why she fucked with him in the first place. You should also find out exactly how many times they did this and about her sucking his dick. It sounds like your imagination is running wild and you need to know everything about the affair before you can truly forgive her. And maybe even him. Talking to him and asking why and what would help too. You could learn something about your own relationship with her.

  • Baloney, you will never forget , maybe you will forgive but i don't think so.

  • Hit on his girl or wife. Tell her what they did. Then fuck her

  • Now that you know what she did and your back with her, your ego is kicking in. Go fuck some girl. Then invite your friend over to tag team your wife.

  • You're right, she isn't innocent. She surely enjoyed it and that probably want the only time. Getting caught may or may not have slowed her down. Getting fucked like a whore is great and the excitement of cheating adds another level of pleasure.

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