Wife's questions

So first off my wife and I are in a polyamorous marriage. We have been married 12 years. She has had a boyfriend for the last 4. She has a very high sex drive and I'm just not always there to satisfy her. We have 3 kids. One by me and 2 by him.

So she and I are sitting on the couch. She just up and says, "Would you ever have sex with a man?" I said, "I have before. I'd do it again, maybe." She said, "You never told me that." I said, "You. Ever asked." She said, "Who was on top?" I said, "Not me. I prefer to take the dick." She said, "So next time James and I have sex, would you eat me out afterwards?" I said, "He doesnt use a condom?" She said, "Hell no. I'm on the pill. I prefer to be filled up." I said, "Guess that depends." She said, "On what?" I said, "If that would turn you on." She said, "My husband licking my boyfriend's cum out of my pussy? Yes that would be very hot."

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  • I have no desire to lick another man's cum. But there are other bi things I'd like to try. I wish my wife would request it. But she's still very homophobic.

  • Does she favor the two kids from the alpha?

  • Question game is very healthy as long as people are open minded and appreciate honesty and don’t take it as an insult or have jealousy issues with it. My husband wanted to watch me have sex with his best friend who has a very huge cock much bigger. He always Fantasized about watch wanting to know how his friends bigger cock compared to his average sized penis. I was obviously excited to try hearing its measurements 10 1/4” long and 6 3/4” thick around. Compared to my husbands size 5 3/4” long and 5” around thick being much smaller. When we finally got together they both stood side by side my husband looked so tiny compared to his friend. Honestly I didn’t know if I could actually get it inside me since I’m only 4’ 10” and 78 lbs. His friend took off my clothing threw me on the bed licking my pussy till I cam. Then shoved his cock slowly inside of me filling my pussy maxing me out I orgasmed for the first time ever with a cock inside me. It was totally different compared to my husband fucking me much better I openly admitted to my husband. I was honest and told my husband I wanted to do this again with his friend after our weekend of sex. My husband who completely enjoys watching and asking questions many over and over the same. At first admitting and telling him his friends cock satisfies me so much better than his was awkward. But realizing my husband got turned on and ultimately enjoyed me being pleasured far beyond what he could ever do for me. It turned me on to tell him and even telling him I loved his friend like a husband. I made it very clear my love for my husband was much greater than ever before.

  • My wife and i play that question game. She once asked me if i wld prefer a guy sucking my dick or someone pegging me. I told her i wld do either if it turned her on, which has led to more questions.

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