Happy ending

Well im a young married man with kids but no sex life. I get rejected by my wife often for anything sexual in nature. I found a female online, craigslist actually that i met up with to get a hand job. It was my first time and i was very nervous. I arrived, she took off her shirt, i pulled my shorts down and sat down and she began jerking my cock off. It felt so good but at the same time all i could think about was my wife. Well, withing 10 minutes i had busted my nut and that was it. She opened her door and out i went. It was discrete and to the point. There, its off my chest and god can judge me for it. Its something i have never experienced before and it felt great for a complete stranger to get me off like this. I got married at 18, so i know thats not an excuse but i have to try to justify my actions somehow right?? Anyone else go through something like this?

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  • Don't look at it as cheating, look at it as outsourcing. You get married so you can have a monogamous sexual relationship with one partner. If he or she withholds that sex from you, what is a guy supposed to do. If a woman doesn't take care of her man, someone else will. There is plenty of bootie out there and women generally think they have total control once you put a ring on them. I say behind every man's midlife crisis, there is a woman who thinks she is in control and he would never cheat. Then they are shocked when he does, they don't understand how he could do that. I've got news for you ladies, just because you don't feel like having sex or have turned into a frumpy middle aged woman doesn't mean a man's dick has to follow suit.

  • A logical solution.

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