Husband wanted me to do it

My husband has seen videos online of women answering the door naked for the food delivery guys, he asked me if I would do it. I had to admit it turned me on to watch them but I asked him what would we do if he started touching me or wanting more than just a view. I would probably be alright with some light fondling but I would get a little concerned if his fingers started wandering to much on me. It seems like it would be a turn on so maybe I will be naughty and give it a try some night.

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  • Well so what if he did start touching or want more?

    Hand your husband the pizza and he'll forget all about you. You don't have to do anything. Just stand there and let the kid do whatever he wants. If your husband calls out to ask what's going on, tell him 'nothing -- I'm just standing here with the delivery boy!'

  • You should try it. I have done it many times. Reactions from smiles to indifferance. Sure it is different for men and women. You will probably find that most will be fine with just looking at you. it is a rush.

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