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I've been living with a woman for ten years now and for a large part of that she has made my life hell. She accuses me of cheating frequently or if I go out to see my friends she gives me abuse for doing so. 'Just leave' I hear so many say but it's not that easy because we have a kid together. Anyway, two years ago I went on a trip to another city that has a well-known scene and I finally did it. I slept with three other women just to know that I was sticking it to her in a way that she would just hate. It was so good that I went back the following year and went with another eight women. The first time it wasn't really planned in advance and just happened but the second time the trip was planned especially for having sex with other women. Then a woman at work started flirting with me a few months ago. She's married but her husband treats her like shit. We meet up whenever we can and just enjoy spending time together. We've made love a few times but even without that I just like being with her and she likes being with me but it's difficult. She treats me way better than the woman I'm with who I may soon be leaving. But I know she won't leave her husband either.

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  • You obviously give her reason to believe you were cheating... Oh and look you are a cheater.

  • Actually no I didn't, she's insecure from the way she has been treated by previous partners. And I only cheated after years of being treated like shit. Had no intention of doing so for a long time

  • You are not treating her very well, are you? And you wonder why she accuses you of cheating. . .

  • Oh really? Do you even know how well I treat her, how much I look after her or are you just trolling?

  • Just carry on fucking her mate

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