I suspect my Gf had strange relationship with her father

They are so very cloce. Once i saw while she was in kitchen how he molesting and moving some strange from her behind. They live alone.... her mom is gone. .. i dont know what i think...

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  • You say the mum is gone she is replacing her mum, you saw them in the kitchen so they are not bothered who knows about there incestuous relationship, if they knew you were watching may be that's your invitation for a threesome

  • I caught they in action... put cameras in living room, her room and his room... omg... i first can not believe

  • Post it so we can all see it

  • Your getting jealous dude grow the fuck up seriously I’m 26 yrs old and cuddle with my dad on the couch watching TV. While yes it seriously a sexual embrace it’s just how Father’s and daughters bond being affectionate. Stop snooping and over thinking about it!

  • Tell us more...about you and him

  • Look, grow up. The only strange concept you suggest is the suspicion or speculation you have for her & her father sharing physical closeness. HEADS UP soldier!! Where have you been?? Physical closeness & intimacy within the family has been mainstream for many years now. Get with the program.

  • Nothing surprises me anymore, but do you think if you ask she's really going to give an honest answer anyway? Probably not

  • Last time when she not answer me for long i think she was with him, but said to me to go with her friends... i think that i have planned how i finaly got it

  • Maybe shes like me and loves her father and loves him to fuck her?

  • Absolutely girl. Excellent reply.

  • Write good not..derp

  • Just leave it alone and say nothing.

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