Wife knows my past

My wife is pretty amazing. She's what I believe to be my ideal body type. DD cup breasts. Perfectly round ass. Chubby. She endulges in my fetishes like I asked her if she's ever gone hairy. She said that she didn't shave between her being married to her ex and me. I asked her if she'd stop shaving. She said yes but why. I told her I think a hairy pussy is hot. She said no problem. I then asked her to stop shaving her pits. She said she had never done that but was willing to try. As of right now, she hasnt shaved either in 6 years.

So we have a healthy sexual relationship. We have sex probably 3 times a week. Neither of us are afraid to mention what we think is hot. I point out hot women. She points out hot men. She gives head damn near daily. Her reason...if she keeps my balls drained I won't wanna look for another woman.

We were in bed fresh after sex. She wanted me to tell her something I've never told her that would shock her. I told her about a time when I had sex with my boss when I was 18. She said, "Yeah. You woke up and he was sucking your dick. I know that." I said, "It kinda didn't happen like that. Yes, how I got there was true but we had actual sex." She said, "Really? That's interesting. Was it just the one time?" I said, "No." She said, "How many times?" I said, "A couple times a week, average, for about 2 years." She did some math and said, "That's like over 200 times. Who was on top?" I said, "He was. He'd suck me off, we'd 69, then he'd fuck me." She said, "Wow. That's kinda hot. Glad you are comfortable telling me. So any other guys?" I said, "Actually yes." She said, "Do tell." I said, "Shortly after I became separated. I was pissed and tried to swear off women. Was in an actual gay relationship for about 3 years." She said, "Ok so we got together around that time." I said, "He and I were having sex until you and I decided to become a serious item."

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