How do I know

Want to suck off my local fedex delivery guy, but dont know if he is down. any suggestions? dont want to insult him. he is tall, handsome, black, i know he would have a nice cock.

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  • Everyone and me would be delighted and blahhed out to win millions in lotteries. more then a revenge but a ritual to love of god to live well.

  • For starters, I would have to assume that you are a man, because no man would be insulted if a woman offered to suck his cock. If you are a man, there is rougly an 85 percent chance that he is not gay, and about a 70 percent chance that he will be offended. If he is offended, statistically, there is roughly a 15 percent chance that he will fly into a violent "homophobic" rage and bash your head in. Do you really want to take that risk just to suck some cock? Just go down to your local gay bar and drink all the Aids infested jizz you want.

  • Last year, when I was separated from my husband, the garbage disposal went out. I went to the store and paid for a new one as well as for a contractor to come by and install it. He showed up and was attractive, maybe late 30s, with a strong build. His package looked great in the jeans he was wearing. I said "You look sexy working under the sink," but he didn't really pick up on it. When he finished I also gave him a little hug and a kiss on the lips, but he looked at me strangely and pulled away. I was so ready to fuck him, but evidently he wasn't into it.

  • I have a thing for repairmen. When my husband goes out of town I always have to call one for something and they always get at least a blow job. I have only been turned down one time and this man was older, he looked at me a lot but I could not get him to give in to me. He told me I was a very attractive woman but there was no way he could do that with me.

  • I tried this once, opened the door and I was totally naked, the guy barely even took notice of it. I asked him if he wanted to come inside because I wanted to give him some pleasure. He told me that if his truck did not move in three minutes he would have to explain why and that was not worth losing his job over.
    Is that really true? do they track their times so tight like that? I consider myself a pretty attractive woman at 5'4 and 110 pounds but maybe he was just being nice and coming up with an excuse not to get a blow job.

  • It’s true,, they even track our footsteps when riding with us

  • I have fucked my FedEx guy and my United Parcel guy. Brown delivered LOL All of them had huge black cocks something that i like very much. Both FedEx and United Parcel keep close tabs on there drivers. You need to let them know you interested in fucking them and hook up with them after work. I have fucked eight parcel delivery men and none of them fucked me while they were working.

  • If a female wants to suck or fuck it's a rare thing if the guy doesn't go for it.
    Answering the door naked or near naked will put a lock on it. If it doesn't happen at that time it will the next. He won't be able to get it out of his mind and the next time he delivers it will already be in his mind hoping to fuck you.

  • True, but the author of the post does not state if they are male or female... I think it is a man.

  • There’s several posts about this on here. I wanted the same thing. What is it about the Fed Ex severs? Yummy. I answered the door each time wearing something revealing and let him have a look. He always got a good shot of my nipples. One time I wore a tight white cami that was see through. I pulled it down low (I’m a 36 DD) and when I answered the door he didn’t even see my face. The last time I answered with a button down shirt on (my husbands) and left of unbuttoned with only a thong on. I pulled the shirt sides to the sides of my tits and twisted my nipple. I told him, “I’ll suck you if you suck me”. We fucked for an hour.

  • Ask him.

  • Uh, answer the door naked?

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