Getting sucked by the neighbor

I live and work out of a townhouse in the burbs. My girlfriend has lived with me for the last two years. I like her a lot, she has a nice body, good personality and likes sex though she isn’t real good in bed though she tries hard. My best friend used to be my next door neighbor but he went and got himself a kick ass promotion, sold his house and moved. He sold his house to these two, pretty good looking girls just a little younger than me.

One Sunday, one of the girls, Sue came over and introduced herself. She sat in the kitchen and talked to my girlfriend and I for a while talking about moving and shit. She started complaining that she had these shelves to put up and my girlfriend suggested I go help her. So about an hour after Sue went back to her house I grab my tools and headed next door. When I get there Sue has changed into this thin sarong. I could almost see through it and could definitely make out the outline of her nipples. Gorgeous tits. She helps me as I put up these shelves and every time she moves her sarong would open up and I could see her thong panties underneath. Then when I was standing on the ladder putting the last shelf up she grabbed both sides of my hips (helping me not fall), then her hands slowly slid to the front of my shorts and started fondling my cock. I told her we couldn’t do that. She said she just wanted to thank me for helping her. I told her I had a girlfriend and she had a roommate. She said she didn’t care and that I would love it. I told her that I did care and I managed to climb down the ladder, gather my tools and returned home. My girlfriend was there when I got home and asked me how it went. Believe me, I did not know what to say.

So the next day my girlfriend goes to work and I’m in my study working when there is a knock on the door. It’s Sue. She steps inside and says all she wanted to do was thank me for helping her out yesterday. I again told her I couldn’t do that. She said we weren’t going to fuck but that she knew how to give great head and that I would love it. Long story, short. She ended up pulling my shorts down and sucking me in the entryway. And she was right, the girl has a talented mouth. She played and sucked me for ten minutes until I literally fucked the back of her skull and blew my load. Then she pulled my shorts up, said you’re welcome and left!

I thought that would be the end of it, but the girl has been coming over about every other day when my girlfriend is at work and giving me a quick and amazing blowjob. This has been happening the last couple months. we never fuck, I fondle her nice tits while she’s blowing me, but that’s it.

The problem is, I worry about how is this gonna end? Sue is my neighbor, she’s gonna be right next door for a long time. I’m not going to heave my girlfriend for Sue and I don’t think Sue wants that. Sue seems to just like coming over and spending fifteen minutes giving me head and leaving. And unfortunately sucking my dick is something my girlfriend hates doing.

Has anyone else been in this situation, sport fucking the neighbor? How long did it last? Did it just stop one day without a problem?

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  • Myself captured the action and uploaded at

  • I actually moved. i was fucking my apartment manager wile going with my wife, we bought a house and moved. She said i could come have sex with her in the modle apartment. And i did twice. She was always a good sport, much like older, taught her blow jobs. But my young wife was way better.

  • The thing is, I don’t want to move. I like where I live. But I hate the temptation, but can’t seem to say no. I’be thought about asking my girlfriend to marry me but how can I do that when I’m getting such great, easy head? And what happens if my girlfriend finds out. This sucks - literally.

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