Wife got pregnant

A few years before we got together my wife got pregnant from the guy that took her virginity. My wife actually told her mother that she was pregnant and her mother said that she would have to leave college and have the baby. My girlfriend told me this when we were just friends before we starting dating. She told me that she lost the baby when she was about three months pregnant.
After we dated during our senior year, we moved in together. When we visited my girlfriend's parents, her mother would get very upset when we slept together in her childhood bedroom. I never could figure out what upset my mother-in-law. She knew that her daughter was not a virgin. In fact there had been three other guys that had stayed in my wife's room during college vacations. Her mother would bang on the door while these guys were having sex with her so she definitely knew that at least 4 guys had sex with her daughter before me.
I would have thought that my mother-in-law would have been happy that I asked her daughter to marry me and that it didn't bother me that my wife had been with eight guys before me This is what my wife has told me and they were all serious boyfriends. Not every one had gone home with my wife during vacations although one did every vacation during her sophomore, junior and senior years. I believe that there were other guys that had been between my wife's legs for one night stands or only a few times which she isn't willing to tell me about yet.
I knew that quite a large number of guys had come inside my wife pussy and in her mouth when I asked her to marry me. I liked that she was very experienced sexually and was willing to do anything I asked her to. In fact, the only thing that I have asked her to do that she hadn't already done was anal sex.


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