Why did she keep it?

My wife and I have been married for 20 years. Some good but mostly bad. Recently we agreed to separate and divorce. We are in decent terms and emotions are still running high. Last weekend I went to the house to clean out the storage area. My wife helped. As we were going through boxes I found a photo album. The kind that only one pic per page. As we did with all the photos we looked through to see if there were any special pics we wanted to keep. As I was flipping through I stopped on one of my wife at her HS graduation. It was her and her ex bf. 6’10” basketball player. And he is black. Tucked in the photo was a Magnum condom. Her past caused a lot of problems for us and me. Not because she had a past but because she hid it and never told the truth about it. One thing she told me was he never used a condom so I was kind of confused. Fuck it we are getting divorced so I showed her and said I thought you two never used condoms? What’s this a keepsake? She looked and said she had “no idea what or how that got there”. Sure ok. Whatever. As we worked I asked her a couple of questions which she brushed off. Then I told her all the problems her being so secretive about her past caused and said just be honest with me for once. She said fine. What do you want to know? I told her about the times when she was drunk and mentioned him and his cock. Then I told her that her friend told me some stories about them. She looked shocked. I said is it true that he “trained” you to take his big cock? She said “what? No way.. umm yes”. I said where did you take it? She got really red and said enough. I told her she’ll never change. She said “fine! He..” she paused for a full 10 seconds and finished “after he took my virginity he took my anal virginity too”. Why she thought that sounded better than he fucked my ass IDK. Then I said “Isn’t he really big?” She got silent and then said “yes. And before you ask 10”! He made me measure it!” I asked how she took 10” of cock in her ass? She’s like 5’1” maybe 110lbs. I stared and said “well?” She yelled “it took 3 months of almost everyday ass fucking but finally I took all of him! Then after I could he didn’t want to fuck me anywhere else..” she trailed off and I said “well..” she looked defiant and said “oh if you must know L would fuck my ass but finish in my mouth!! Happy?” I was seriously shocked. She never let me do anything like that. I said “Happy? No. Why the fuck would I be. You always told me know whenever I tried to do anything like that. I recall you telling me how gross you thought it was to suck a cock after it was in your ass. Get that, you thought it was gross. I guess you know for a fact don’t you.” Then I said “wtf did you marry me anyhow? I obviously wasn’t good enough sexually for you. Now you get half of everything for what? Being a dishonest person and treating me like I’m second best?” She got mad and walked away. 30 minutes later tired of doing all the work I went upstairs. I asked if she was going to help or what? She was texting and I said “Oh did our talk bring back found memories of being a slut for L’s Black cock?” She stood up and said “Fuck you!” I had hit a nerve. Back downstairs I told her I was tired of her talking so I put on a movie. Well I put on a porn and put it on the top shelf where all 5’1” of her couldn’t reach. Yes it was a IR / BBC porn with a woman screaming and telling the guy to fuck her harder with his BBC. I was laughing and she was pissed. I said “Is that what you two sounded like? Did you tell him you were his white slut?” Laughing she said calmly (I hate when she’s calm) “No I never told him I was his white slut but tonight I will”. I laughed and said “are you fucking kidding me? Separated for 6 weeks after 20 years and your first instinct is to go back to L. Why did you marry me. With that I told her to throw all my shit away and left.


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  • My wife had one black guy and she said he wasn't the biggest or the best

  • So you know why she kept it yeah? He fucked her like she wanted to be fucked and she’s missed it for all those years. Are you sure she never met up with him while you were married? She must have some will power to be pining away for his black cock for 20 years. I can’t imagine if she was pining away for him all that time what that did to your marriage. Damn! Sorry brother. Be well.

  • Sorry brother but your scorned get over it. Feel in love with my girl at a young age she was 24 I was 18 yup my first .Hot women body sexy you name it . Two years into are relationship she cheated with a black guy from work. Young guy my age fit top it off first time she cheated she came home did not shower . You guessed it I went down on her not knowing. . She continued so we split up for a bit. Low and behold 30 years together. It dont bother me one bit I have had my share about a 100 women. Move on get over it if you can.

  • Ex now FWB--- Jill and I both married now. Went together from 18 to 22. She was smoking hot, built like a brick shit house. We met as fellow lifeguards at and ocean beach resort town. She would do this once .5 mile out and back ocean races, while I drank beer usually. Was she built, D cup tits (probably slowed her down some) Junior year we get engaged. That summer our LG jobs are 50 miles apart. She gets a better offer from a head LG who ends up fucking her. I'm no saint, I'm fucking her new girl replacement. Come fall we don't even see each other and at pacing break we meet to break up and fuck one last time. 15 years later we both have Philly jobs and flirt on Twitter. We meet for drinks and she is smoking hot, she really filled out nicely. Then we're FWB. But she looks way better with cloths on than naked now. My wife looks way better but she's 10 years younger. She's still a great piece of ass and learned to give incredible blowjobs. She swears my dick got bigger.

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