Relationship with step-sister

Since I was a very young boy, around four-five years old, I had a problem with my penis foreskin, I could not pulled over the head, not that I wanted to since I have no reason to touch my penis. It become infected since I have witnessed so much sex and sex related things in my home that many times I would become sexually, unbeknown to me aroused, around my penis head accumulated white substance but I could not cleaned up since I could not pull my foreskin over the head.

I was in pain and embarrassing to tell anyone. I did have three older stepsisters. The youngest one was seven years older than me. She was closest to me and she noticed that I am in pain. She asked me what is wrong, of course I was embarrassed to tell her. She almost forced me to show her my little penis. It was swollen and red. She said not to worry she is going to take care of that. She applied some cream and after gentle manipulation she succeeded. I could pull the foreskin over the head, after that she said that I must let her to check often so it doesn't happens again.

The time passed, my little penis got better and better, step-sister was persistent with taking look and manipulating the skin. I must admit that after a while it become almost a pleasure and I could not wait she would do that.

One day, we have visit by cousin some age as step-sister. Three of us are alone home. I am telling you the true story relaying on what I remember, and believe me I wish I remember a lot more. My step-sister and cousin (they would be about twelve years old strip naked, placing blanket on the floor wanted me to fuck them. Sadly I was so little that I did not know what I supposed to do. All I know being fascinated with a small growth of their pubic hair. Cousins pubic hair was yellowish and barely visible while step-sister's pubic hair was black and more prominent.

I have attempted to fuck them butt after few minutes my step-sister said let me fuck you instead. So we exchanged the placed. She told me to laid down and she climbed on me.

I have not much memory of the cousin (still alive to this day) but I know that she did have a go to at fucking me.

As far as step-sister I fucked her many times, one of the most memorable was fucking her while she was almost to give birth to her third child. She was so pregnant that her stomach looked like a mountain. Her pussy scared me, I was in grade seven, about fifteen years old. Once more we have sex when I fucked her from behind and she asked me almost begging to fuck her in the ass.

I have plenty more stories to tell.


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  • My sis and I had sex many times as adults. Its great

  • Tell us more about it

  • Cool sister!

  • This is disgusting

  • Disgusting, but you read whole story and then masturbated

  • Good Burn!!

  • I would have sacked your little cock and fucked your preteen sister and cousins tight pussy......

  • Of course you would if you could, but you can't.

  • Would you have liked it..

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