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My husband and I bought our house a year ago. The house needed some updating, and over time we started getting things done. One day he was at work and I was painting a room that was to get new flooring put in, we had gone to the home center and picked out what we wanted. At that time we had set up a time for someone to come out to take measurements. I wanted to get the room ready for the new floor.
I like to paint, but I get it all over me, knowing this I put on an old pair of shorts and an old tank top I used to sleep in. I had my coffee the room was empty and all was taped off. I was getting it done, I liked the color so I was happy.
Not far into it, I heard the doorbell, I had forgotten all about the guy coming over to measure the room for the flooring. I wiped my hands of any wet paint and went to the door, As I opened the door the guy said hello, he was here to measure for the flooring, Ok, great I was painting in there so just watch some walls might still be wet. Not a problem, better to paint now than after the floor goes in.
As we went into the room I had some stuff in the way and knew I should slid it away. As I looked up to him to see if he had the open space he needed. It looked like he was looking down my top. My top was loose and no bra on, I took a quick glance down to see my chest was easy to see in the tank top. He looked away and said yes,and started taking his measurements . When was done, I asked if that was it ? We just have some paperwork and I'll be done. Ok. We went into the kitchen and I asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee? Sure thanks. As I was pouring his coffee back at the table, I asked he he wanted andy milk or sugar, as I looked at him, I notice him again looking in my top, My chest isn't big but I quess to him it was worth a look. We finished up the paperwork and as he was headed out the door took his last look, even as I was looking at him, it was quick and harmless but he got it.
As I went back to my painting, I started thinking about him checking out my chest and found Kind of naughty and fun.
When my husband got home that night I showed him the room painted and told him the guy had come to measure the room. I was feeling a little on the horny side and once in bed that night I wanted sex and found I was thinking of this guy checking my out. I had a couple of real nice orgasms, wow that was fun.
After that night, I thought that if any other guy has to come to look at work to be done, I would try to give him a chance to see what he could. Since that time we have had many men come over to see what had to be done. I did my best to let them see what they could if they wanted. Each time me enjoying what I was doing, and each night after someone had come to the house to look at some work.
My husband and I had great sex, I found that I would always have multibale orgasms. My husband never has put it together. When a man comes to the house, that night at least we have great sex.
One problem, I am finding I want them to do more then just checking me out, I have started thinking about them just taking me, and doing what they want, and when done just walking out the door leaving me, Naked, wet and full of cum.

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  • I always wear flimsy tops and no bra around the house so when men come over so they do have a chance to take a peek at my tits. I enjoy the attention. I have fucked several of the workers if I like how they look. I find it erotic that I can screw strangers in my bed. As far as the actual act if I catch them peeking at my tits I simply ask them if they like what they saw. Every one of them say yes. My next question is would you like to see more. Once again they say yes. Next thing I know I am on my knees sucking their cock. Works every time. The bad thing is not every one them are up to what I am looking for. Several of the workers have made repeated trips out to my house. I guess they are checking to see if the job they did was good LOL. My favorite guy actually brought over a couple of coworkers with him once. That was perhaps the best sex I ever had. The fucking went on for four hours. I hardly had time to clean up and make the bed before my husband got home. Just looking around the house if looks like I might have to call a handyman to put up some shelves I just bought. Thinking sheer blouse no bra or panties. Shame they don't post photos of their workers on their web sites.

  • Have him sit on your couch while you sit on the other end. Then, prop your barefeet in his lap and wiggle your toes a few times. Men love women's feet, at least it's worked for me in the past. Give it a try, you never know where it will go!

  • It will be warmer out soon, and I can wear things that might just be enough to get them to say or react to me a bit easier.
    I would think if I could get one to have sex with me then the next might be easier.

  • Maybe just stand there and strip down to your panties without saying a word while they work.

  • I suspect the workers will prefer to do!

  • We have more things to be done on the house that my husband prefers not to do. I'll keep trying.

  • Your being much to shy about this, you have to just come on to them and they will do whatever you want them to do. I have had sex with just about all of the repair/remodel men that have come to our house. Do not just do things to expose yourself thinking that they are going to just jump on you and take you. You have to take things into your own hands. I had the appliance repair guy over last month just to make sure everything is good with the newer refrigerator and after he finished up he was standing against the kitchen counter. He told me he needed some initials for the work done so I was standing next to him pretending to not understand and reading all the paragraphs. I finished initialing the last one and read it back to him that I understood that I have to give the technician an oral servicing. I knelt down and began undoing his pants and he just stood there not resisting at all.
    When I finished I took off all my clothes right in front of him and asked if the technician needed to do any other inspections. He did need to do more inspections and I had a great time with him.
    They love the role play but they will never come on to you because your the customer and as you know all men will have sex when requested.

  • Yes, he has been asking maybe tomorrow, we can go out and I can surprise him

  • Outstanding! Enjoy showing yourself off.

  • Yes, it was fun, Maybe that is all I am ready for. I don't think I can make it any my obvious. My husband has asked me at times to wear something a little showy at times, I have been slow to do it much. Maybe, It is him I should be doing this for when we are out.

  • That may be real fun. You both will get off then...

  • Not how I had hoped, it was cooler out today. I had on a pair of short sweat shorts my husband love's, He says when he see's me in them he just has to feel my ass. And a deep scoop neck t shirt. He only could do the flooring, he came at 8: 30. I made the room look like I had been planting some stuff and still had some cleaning up to do.
    When I went to open the door, I knew he could tell my nipple were hard, I was very nervous, and horny. As he brought things in I held the door for him. Once all was in the room I started cleaning up my stuff.
    I knew he was looking down my top when he could, at one point I was on my hands and knees, and he asked what I had been planting, as I looked up he was looking right down my shirt, I looked down to clance at my chest and knew he had a great view, I looked back up and just smiled and answered him.
    As time went on I gave him as good of a view as possible and he took every chance. I was very horny and felt great. But that was it.

  • Still sounds like a fun day though.

  • Did things work out?

  • I want him to do what he want with me

  • Well, how did it go?

  • You have to let me know how it works out.(or in as the case may be)

  • We do know that you're talking to yourself, you know?

  • Tell him and he will.

  • How exciting isn't it?

  • End of the week

  • Enough but not to much.

  • Yes, It is, but I would like him to enjoy it also

  • You both will. Just enjoy. When is the estimated timing?

  • I get a little loud when I'm having an orgasm, I hope he doesn't mind

  • He won't. Remember this is for you.

  • Maybe, a little. I can wear it so it is easy for him to see what he wants. and know its easy to move out of the way to do what I hope he wants to do

  • Exactly.... A bit of sexual intrigue yet being totally available to him.

  • Should I wear panties, some how I think I could do that if he's looking it's not face to face? I want this to happen, but not able to say please will for just take me

  • No panties He'll love it

  • I would wear sexy panties that you could see though the dress against your ass. Then let you dress open up enough to see them in the front. You seem to be a romantic.

  • How so you mean like a hand on his shoulder, What would it take for you to react to me

  • When you shake hands hold it for a while and squeeze or pump it lightly.
    Then bend over showing you pantie though your dress. keep showing skin and touch his arm and chest.

  • At first I was not thinking about any of this he was the first, but once I realize he was looking down my top, I started thinking about what he was thinking and I saw him a bit different. He was mid to late 20's strong, strong hands. And he did seem nice. and I found that after he left I was wet.

  • I would get him back and just touch him and make him feel welcome.

  • I love that outfit, and if I offer him coffee and he sits at the kitchen table and me at the island counter, on a bar stool if I leave it open high on leg he will see a lot. And I wonder if I should try to get the same guy who did the carpet. I know he was looking when he could

  • Yes, get the same guy. I am sure he remembers you...
    You like him?

  • The last one did, he came alone. One of the outfits I got is more spring to summer, but the room is what we call the sun room. It is on the southeast corner of the house and two walls are all windows. It is a crop top and long skirt, very light weight and is on the sheer side in the right light. Not sure if that's the right outfit

  • Go for it. Stand in front of a mirror to see if it is tranparent.
    If you have a hairy pussyor tan lines, no panties

  • Practice a bit while home alone and see what works for you and you feel great in.

  • Yes, we are going to get some more flooring done and have some window boxes made and put up, I am wondering how early he or they could come to start when them come

  • Floor guys usually get there early and spent a lot of time.

  • It may give you time to flirt a bit.

  • For about ten years I worked for myself doing home repair. I would like to say I met someone I had sex with, but I can't. I have seen a woman who would leave her bathroom window open, and on the way in the shower and after I could see her very easy. I don't know if she knew I was there or not. And not as much as I would like, but seen a lot of down blouse views, I guess this is what you are doing.
    With my work being part of my reputation and fear of being wrong, I never took a chance on doing more than looking.

  • After my husband got home, I had asked him about getting a little more work done, after dinner, I asked him if he wanted to see what I got at the mall. As I showed him what I got, he told me, as a joke mine you. If I had one of those outfits on while we were having work done, they might be willing to do more for free. I laughed, and thought I wanted them to work hard on me.

  • Well then, seems like permission to get some hard work taken care of...

  • You might get some wood

  • I think what I bought might help me show a little more and make it easier to take off. I showed my Husband what I got and he loved what I got. He calls the clothes I got easy access. Just him saying that got me excited.

  • Thanks for your thoughts, I went to the mall today to find some spring outfits that might help me in this matter. I think I did good.

  • Cool, It sounds like they make you feel good. I hope you have fun.

  • Next time the contractors come over, just greet them in your t-shirt and panties. Act like it is no big deal. They will pick up on it.

  • I have to go, I don't think I could do that. One time I gave it a real chance. The guy was to be at the house by 8. That is what he said, so I thought he could get there earlier. So I had sexy little panties on and a short light robe no bra. I thought I could make it seem as if I was running late. At one point I even took off the panties and was ready to wet my hair as if I just got out of the shower. By 8:20 he called to say that he had to get material elsewhere, so he would not get there until 9. That was the boldest I have gotten, and that had me almost sweating.

  • Just be happy and enjoy life.

  • I have always been a good girl, that had thought of being naughty, but never did it. And my husband and I have had some great fun having sex, if you went o a house to do some work what would make you react

  • If you somehow lost your top or you managed to have to open your pants and fly exposing your sexy panties with a "oh my or well you have see this before anyway "attitude.

  • No, they don't, Its just hard to think of wearing something that shows more and is easy to have taken off me. I get very nervous and wet, at the same time

  • That is the point. Just show some pantie at the waist and see how you feel.

  • No skirts yet, but I most of the time wear hiking shorts, My husband loves them . He said they hug my butt and with the big open leg to stretch as you climb he can see right up them.

  • Do they ride down off your hips easily?

  • Since this first time, 4 other men have taken notice, and they have seen my nipples I'm sure. I have found tops that might at first not seem all that revealing but once I lean forward or bed over they can see what they want.

  • Have you tried any flimsy skirts yet?

  • Depending on what the work is, but they have done good work so far. I read about things like this, but don't know how or what to do next. I almost start breathing hard when I know they might be looking at my chest. I love my husband, I am hoping I can do this without him ever finding out.

  • Have you bent over for them yet for a better view?
    Sounds like you may just need to scratch or break something and need to get it repaired again.

  • I get nervous, when there're here. It's never really the same person, so its new each time. that what makes me crazy.

  • Is there anyway you can have them back for a touch-up/re-repair job.

  • Well then, just set up in an outfit that shows plenty or better yet accidentally falls off leaving you in just your wet panties the next time some men are around and you can be alone with them. Have some fun.

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