Wife just told me her sexual history

Just two nights ago, my wife of 14+ years spilled the beans of her past. We were out to dinner, had some cocktails and she was feeling pretty good. On the way home we started talking very platonic about cheating and why people do it, and is it wrong entirely..etc. Just a married couple chatting away. She says, "Let's get the kids to bed and meet in the other room"

Now my curiosity has never been stronger. What the hell is she going to say? She cheated on me? She had the chance and denied it? OMG, what????

Kids go to bed.

We sit down with each other on the couch. I said. "ok, what's up?" She starts by saying that she grew up in a broken home. Both parents cheated on each other, got divorced when she was 2-3 years old. Then the new relationships started and her step dad cheated on her mom... etc.

She then proceeds to tell me that she has cheated on every... Not one or two.. But every guy she's had a relationship with. I'm fucking shocked. Like.. Not just a little. But speechless. "Where is this going I'm thinking." She said she was in a relationship with a married man for 4 years off and on. We are both in our mid-40's and met each other around 30. So I'm starting to do the math.. and it seems like she was a little slut through her 20's. I mean, who isn't. But she starts to tear up a little bit and says she sees our children and can't imagine ruining what we have for a few 6-4, 225 guys that would fuck her brains out.

My first question. "Did you cheat on me ever in 14+ years?" She says no. She said she met me and promised to change her ways because she fell so hard in love with me. NO, I did not ask for names, locations..etc. I don't really care what she did prior to our life together. But it does surprise me to hear this from someone I thought was a goody-goody. Or at least less than a slut that I was in my 20's. LOL. I couldn't sleep all night. My mind was racing about "what if's".

She asked me if this changes my feelings towards her. I said. It changes my thoughts about how I thought she was prior to me. But it doesn't change the fact that I still love her and happy to make this life with her. But it definitely scared the fucking shit out of me for one night.

Does this worry me? Not really. I mean, there are the thoughts of.. JESUS!! Everyone she dated?? LOL. I started to look back at the past 14 years and think.. Was there ever a time that she might have cheated?? That drove me nuts all night. But I soon got over it yesterday and thought to myself. "Hey, she loves me, she fucks me, she always is smiling and affectionate towards me." Don't fuck this up by being all weird about it. I told her that I wasn't an angel either. Dated, fucked and lived my 20's just as any guy would. But.. OMG.. I just couldn't get over the fact that I thought she was someone. And to hear she was a fucking slut from 20-30 was surprising.

But let me tell you this.. I took her up to our bedroom.. Proceeded to fuck the living shit out of her. Stuffed her pussy with the King-Dong and fucked her ass at the same time. She's into DP all of a sudden. Ha! I'm not saying it turned me on for hearing that. But it made me realize that I have a good thing here and to get jealous over past relationships is fucking stupid. Let the good times roll.

10 months ago

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    • My wife had many more partners than I did when we started dating. She never hid this from me and really couldn't have since we hung in the same group of guys and girls in college. There were eight guys and four girls that hung out together and while I had sex with the other three girls before her, she had sex with all eight of us guys. Five of them were before me and the last two were while we broke up. We got back together during the spring before graduation and have been together for a very long time.

    • Odd how after 14 years of marriage you wouldn't even know basic things about each other. Like her coming from a broken home, parents divorcing early on, being unfaithful to each other. And, you, being no angel, you dated, fucked, and lived the life of a 20-30 slut. You are slut-shaming her when you were just as bad, or, worse. Pretty laughable, really. I think you are trying to drop a double "duce" on us.

    • I’m engaged to Bailey who’s from Texas, we met when she visited Los Angeles. She’s from a small town with a population of 100,000. We’ve been having a long distance relationship for 5 years now, and I am about to retire and I asked her to marry me, and suggested I move to her town. We are both in our 40’s. That night after sex, she confesses to me that she’s been this naughty Christian women. 4 kids from 4 different fathers, she has had sex during bible study, sex with the men at her job, a few guys from the bar she frequents at, the mechanic, married twice. She admits she’s probably well over 100 men. And also states she’s been faithful since me.

    • Good for you both. Jealousy just gets in the way. My husband knows what I was like before we married (and still am to an extent) and I know what he was like, and our sex life is incredible. Turns us both on thinking about what we both got up to.

    • Thank you for the kind words. It's funny that in 14+ years I had this idea on how she was and how "clean" I thought she was prior to meeting her. And to hear this was a complete shock to my system. Probably just what we needed. Enjoy your day!

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