The Guy who became my Stepdad

In 2009 I was 10yrs old and had a loving family. (Still do.) The only thing was I lost my real dad who was killed in Afghanistan by a IED that was in a vehicle he was searching. After a year without him, my mom moved us back to her hometown. It was strange meeting people that knew my parents and knew of me, but I knew nothing of them. Eventually my mom got back into the small town life, and I back into a since of normalcy. When I turned 12, my mom meet Derrick. He was my moms first Boyfriend since my dad's passing. At first I was embarrassed and didn't understand why my mom would date a black guy when we are white. When I say white, I mean, we are WHITE.. LOL, nothing about my mom and me says we have different ethnic DNA at all. But as it turned out, Derrick was only black physically. He was from a small, mostly white town in Nebraska. He had moved south to our state around the same time my mom and I moved here. He listened to country music, drove a truck, and even wore a ridiculous cowboy hat that I tease him about to this day. He was just as white as we were inside. Anyway.. So my 7th grade year started off great, I had a crush on a classmate named Justin. He was so cute. I had asked my friends if he liked me. Typical Jr High gossip vines. I was told by a friend, well who I thought was a friend. That Justin liked me, and with the first ever school dance of our lives coming up, that he wanted to dance with me. I was on Cloud 9! I played the whole dance night in my head over and over.
The night of the dance, my mom dropped me off at the school gym, "Derrick is gonna be here at 8pm to bring you home."
I meet up with my friends and we go in. All my Hope's and dreams of a great night came to a stop when I saw Justin dancing with a girl from one of our classes. At first I just blew it off as him just dancing with friends. No... After a little while of standing and watching, Justin was on this girl the whole time. When I got the nerve to go ask him for a dance. He laughed and said he was there with his Girlfriend.. "Girlfriend....?" His buddies all started laughing at me. That's when his friend says "No one wants to dance with a n****r lovers daughter." I was so hurt and embarrassed, that I spent most of the night in the girls restroom crying.
Derrick was actually a really cool guy and I had come to like him alot. I was torn between the kids at school and my mom and her happiness. I could never tell my mom what had been said. After most of the night in the restroom I managed to make my way back out. More laughs and sneakers from the racist crew that had embarrassed me. I was done with the dance and when to call my mom to have Derrick come get me early. She asked what was wrong, but I just told her I felt sick. I stood just outside the gyms door and waiting to see Derricks truck pull up. I jumped in and immediately started crying.
Derrick was clueless to the reason and started going into what I call (Daddy Mode.) In so many words I told him what had happened, but left out the n-word. Derrick was more concerned with my feelings then by the things that were said. He said "Their just jealous of what I got." I laughed, but was curious to what he was talking about and asked. "What's that?" Derrick starts laughing and points his finger at his crotch.
"OMG! You're crazy!" I Blurt out.
We laughed for a few minutes joking about the little packages they all must be packing when without thinking of what was gonna happen, I said "Show me." Tje look on his face was shock. The look on my face was shock as well. Shock that I just said that..
He replied about how that's a bad idea and I was a too young and my mom killing him. I agreed with him by saying something about its probably small anyway. That got him good, as we both started laughing again.
"Okay, fine.." he answers as he reaches down while driving and unbuttoned his Jean's. "Are you really gonna show me!?"
Just as he turned the cab light on I saw it.. I had to have turned beet red when he pulled his dick out. I turned way.
"Oh so you wanted to see it, but you can't look at it?"
Once again I was completely embarrassed.. I turned to look, and yep. There it was, in all his glory. Now it wasn't this rock hard beast of a dick that you imagine. Clearly he was soft and not hard. But it was still a sizable appendage.
"Oh, it's not that big mister.." I teased.
"What!? Not that big?"
"I'm not hard right now.." he said in his defense.
"Well make it hard so I can get a estimate on what you got." I said.
He started giving it a few pulls and started stroking it. I watch it get fairly big in the few moments he worked it. "It gets bigger, it just needs female attention." He said
Me being a smart ass at the time snapped back with "What do you want me to do sit in your lap..?"
Derrick laughed and says "Good Idea!"
At this point I had already committed so I undid my seatbelts and started climbing over the center console. Derrick held the wheel steady as I sat on his lap. He turned the cab light off again as I faced forward, but his hardening dick was right there. He reached around my hips and between my thighs. Grabbing his dick he stroked it between my legs, every few strokes he would press it into my crotch.
"Your Jean's need to come off and you should face me"
I climbed back over to the passenger seat and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down and off.
"You can leave those on" he answered and I climbed back over the console again. This time I straddled his hips and I felt his massive dick press directly against my panties. With one hand on the wheel he reached around my but and I could feel his fingers rubbing my butthole and pussy through my panties. His dick was nestled perfectly between my spread form. He pressed me against his body and then away over and over. I got into a rythm hith his movements as we drove down our country roads. I felt him pull my panties to the side and I felt his bare skin pressed against my bare skin. I was wet from the sensation I was feeling, and it coated his dick as I rocked back and forth. He didn't penetrate me, but I know he wanted to, I would have let him if he had tried. I was young and was Ignorant to alot of stuff, but I knew what sex was. And I knew I liked what he was doing.
We stopped at the end of our drive and I climbed off and quickly put my Jean's on and tied my shoes. We've never talked about that night, nore have we ever tried anything else. It was just a one time event.
Derrick and my mom got married in 2015, and they still live in that little ass town. Derrick is the best Stepdad to me, and I love him for it.


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