I had a lesbian lover once

I used to be babysat by this woman named Theresa. She had two twins (4 y/o) and a 6 year old daughter, named Rose. I was 10 or 11 at the time. I really can't remember.

Me and Rose became really close. It was a summer evening, when she and i were watching a movie called Lady and the Tramp in her room. She's on the bed, and i'm on the floor, fidgeting with alphabet blocks while i watch the movie. She looks at me, and confesses that her uncle has been molesting her. She doesn't put it that way. She says this, almost word for word: "Does your daddy touch your pee-pee?" Now, i know that's very different than saying "my dad touches my pee-pee", but it painted a clear picture.

The thing is, this isn't a moral confession. I wish i could say that the dad went to jail, and that's it. But the real, honest, truth is- no. When i tell her my dad doesn't touch me, she says she wants to show me something. She tells me to get onto the bed. I do. Then she asks me to kiss her. Yeah, i do. She kisses back on the lips. Before i know it, she's kissing me, i'm kissing her. And then she pulls down her pants. She opens herself up for me, and tells me to lick it. Need i say what i did?

(I licked it). She and i soon get on a schedule of doing this every day, any moment we can. She and i goes off somewhere alone, she pulls down her pants and underwear, and i eat her out. We kiss, touch each other. Basically, we become lovers in our own sick way. Soon her mother gets an idea of what's going on between us, and our 'relationship' becomes strained. We're being watched carefully, and not allowed alone. Not even outside. Eventually my mom stops bringing me to the babysitter's altogether.

I recently asked her why. She explains that Theresa and her husband are loosing custody of the girls, due to rumored child abuse. Theresa tells my mom that she can't watch me anymore, and that's that. I haven't been to that house in almost 6 years. I haven't seen Theresa, the twins, or Rose. And that's where my confession ends.

Call me what you like. Pedophile, bastard, sick freak, lesbian. At least i have the balls to admit this. Call this confession whatever you like too. I don't give a shit whether you think it's true or not. My conscience is now clear.


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  • I was 7 years old when my babysitter was performing oral sex on me and she was instructing me how to please her. She was my babysitter for five years, we were having lesbian sex with oral stimulation, fisting, vibrators, dildos and fruit and vegetables insertions. She was a young woman in her middle twenties when she was caught having sex
    with another young girl she was babysitting. Then I was questioned about her and I, and I told the truth about what we were doing. She was never punished for her pedophilia, I think because she was a female. I have always wondered if it was a male babysitter, he would be in the penitentiary for the rest of his life. Are women who are pedophiles treated differently than males?

  • Thanks for sharing this. You were ten or eleven. it's okay.

  • I wont judge you hun. I have experiences also. Did you like being touched on your bald little pussy and i would have helped you pleasure yourself. Would you have liked it baby and so your only sixteen or seventeen now hun...

  • There's the hun crap and always asking about age.

  • 😂😂😂

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