Hot little sister

I have read a lot of stories on here about guys and their sisters. I have 2 sisters, one older and one younger but both hot! My older sister was a prude and caught me trying to feel her up while she was sleeping. I was 13 and she was 14 at the time and she told our mom about it. I got the speech about how brothers and sisters should not be doing things like that to each other but did not really get in trouble. My younger sister was a different story. I walked in one evening and caught her masturbating. When she saw me she kinda freaked a bit but I told her I would not say anything if she let me eat her. It got to be a regular thing with me eating her sweet pussy and ass but it never went any further. She never offered to suck my cock or have sex and I was good with that. I ate her pussy the night before my wedding and continued doing it for her until she got married.


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  • I am the guy who posted this. We were a total of 7 siblings and the average difference in age is about 14 months. When I look at birthdays, it seems my mom was popping a kid out every 14-15 months. I guess my dad wanted to keep her "barefoot and pregnant" as they say.

  • You said younger sister. Anyway was she tastey.

  • She is younger. That was a couple of years after the episode with my older sister. And yes, very tasty.

  • You're lying.

  • How old was she and she must have had a tight hairless pussy. What did she look like and did you suck her little preteen clit and little nipples. I can share stories now if you want too swap stories...

  • She was 15.

  • Ah dude your so lucky

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