Great wife

So my wife hates giving head. Don't get me wrong, she's amazing at it. She complains that the jaw movement gives her headaches. I ask for head. She says no. One day I asked and she said no. I said, "You know, it's not cool to just make me never get head ever again." She said, "You're gonna divorce me over that?" I said, "No. I want head. Not like all the time but SOMETIME." She said, "You know I don't like it." I said, "You should let me get head then." She said, "Let you have some other woman suck your dick?" I said, "Nope. I wouldn't want another woman. Too many problems. She'd want a relationship eventually and I'm not about that." She said, "Then what?" I said, "I'd get a guy to give me head." She said, "Isn't that gay?" I said, "Gay? No. Head is head. Just get my dick sucked, bust a nut and be done with it." She said, "Look, you want to get your dick sucked by a guy, go for it." I said, "For real?" She said, "Yep. Least you will stop pestering me about it."

So, about a month ago, I hit up a guy that lives close to me. He has hit on me a few times. Gave me his number. Didn't matter to him that I'm married. I went over after work. He's totally cool with a blow and go. I get home and the wife asked what took me so long to get home. I said, "Stopped at a friend's house." She asked what for. I said, "Wanted to get my dick sucked." She said, "You actually did it? Like it?" I said, "Yeah. It was good." She said, "Oh bullshit. You did not." I said, "Lol whatever."

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  • You shouldn't do that to your wife. I give my husband head, mostly to get him hard to fuck, but if I sucked him until he got off I'd be at it for 15-20 minutes. Sorry, the jaw gets sore by then. If he could pop in a few minutes, it would be fine.

  • I remind my wife that when she doesn't cook dinner that I stop at some restaurant on the way home as I need to eat..... same thing for getting head IMO, she doesn't seem to think the same way but its not gonna stop me. BTW, I have found that gay men suck soooooo much better than her anyway so I'm kinda glad she stopped LOL!

  • Your wife is such a pearl however it is a lot better if your wife give you oral

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