Mother In Law

I occasionally Let my my mil take a glimps at my bulge. One day I got so ballsy while she was in the kitchen and my wife in the room sleeping that I walked out with my boxers with my sick hanging out . I told her my top tooth hurt and I got close to her to view “the top of my tooth” with my dick hanging out I just looked up so she can take a look . I’m pretty sure she has . I’ve walked around the house with nothing but shorts and a boner and once she giggled but that’s about it . I once told her she was very attractive and had a big booty she said she appreciate that and wished men thought more like me but now she has a man so she ignores looking at my dick . I can’t tell :/

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  • Guys are idiots thinking we want to see there dicks like that. Instead of being proud sticking them out they should be embarrassed for being that dumb.

  • Its very like my son-in-law he thinks with his dick, on occasions he has shown it me

  • Well then suck his cock granny

  • You sound like my son in law. Always thinking I’m after him, but really just walking around with your dick out

  • Seems like you’ve just gotten used to it

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