Real Story I'm Ashamed

So ill admit this whole thing is wrong and I think both me and my cousin need help but its sort of a guilty pleasure for us too. Time frame may be off im just estimating based on memories and chronological order.

Me and my girl cousin who is 2 years younger than me have been close since our parents visited each other a lot. We grew up in a weird latino environment, the commercials and shows were alot more explicit, soap operas had full on porn scenes, MTV music videos had half naked girls, me and my cousin grew interested in it. We started reenacting what we saw couples do, just kissing and holding hands. As we grew up we got more closer, its expected for the girls to serve the men when eating and itd be a little different when she served me. Pressing her boobs and hips against my arm. She was basically submissive to me at a young age, id take her to the restroom to "play" then kiss and touch her. We then started watching porn together and eventually we'd reenact what we saw the ppl do. Except I didn't actually fuck her, I was just pressing it against her, if anything I got a thigh job. She got caught trying to send me nudes for the first time and her family went wild on her. I just know she is terrified of her mom. Took a while but she started watching porn with me again but no more touching. Then I started comming over everyday after-school when we were alone before her siblings get home. I convinced her to let me hump her with clothes on, she didn't let me get passed just having my dick out pressed against her. I forgot why but I didn't visit or talk to her for about a year and a half. During which she kind of grew, no more flat boobs, thicker thighs and a bubble butt. When my mom and I went to visit them I was shocked idk if she knew, like I said she was still terrified of her mom. We watched porn again but no touching of any sorts, I was bummed out. Finally I turned 17, I went over to her house with my mom one day and both of our parents and siblings left us alone. We layed down and watched porn like usual then I asked her if it was okay if I just touch myself to which she agreed. I started jerking off next to her and then she just grabbed it and said "let me do it" to finish faster before parents come home. She got into it and climbed on top of me but fully clothed. She finished me off, my first handjob (with her). I came over one time after that and she jerked me off under the blanket while her sister (my younger cousin) was nearby but never noticed. She couldn't finish me bc of the noises so to compensate she climbed on top of me and rode me fully clothed. She pretended to just be laying down talking to her while she rides and lets me grab her ass. After this it wouldn't be until I was 18 to have another experience. I came over to her house and like usual we were watching porn but nothing else since her little sister was in the same room distracted on her iPad. I whispered to her what I wanted to do with her and after a long back and forward convo, she told me she'd suck my dick in the shower if I wore a condom. I disappointingly agreed. She told her sister she was going to shower and went inside. I waited a couple min before telling my little cousin I needed to take a shit. I walked in and there she was naked and wet. She specifically said just a bj but I couldn't help it. I grabbed her closer and started sucking on her tits and grabbed her ass. I tried rubbing her but she lightly pulled away saying "hey I said just a bj" and I didn't want to fuck it up so I pulled it out and put the condom on. She got on her knees and started sucking it. She got really into it because she was even trying to deep throat it, she even let me face fuck her until I came. I threw it away and walked like nothing. Sat on the couch waiting for her and when she finally came out she just sat next to me and hugged my arm. I don't think my little cousin noticed anything odd. (FINAL AND UP TO DATE SCENE): A couple months later me and my mom visit her again and her little sister and our other cousins had a see through camping tent on my cousin's bed. We climbed inside and just talked and watched videos. Her little sister told us if we wanted to play and we both said no but she threw a blanket over the tent giving us full privacy but our parents (just moms) were still in the same room chatting. Eventually they go into the kitchen to eat and drink while her sister and other cousins left to the next room. We were alone and started watching porn. She had shorts on and I asked if I can play with her thighs and she let me. She actually asked me to order a dildo for her since she's still a virgin and wanted to experiment. I let her browse a couple sites while rubbing and squeezing her thighs. Took me a while but I convinced her to let me touch her boobs. She unzipped the thin sweater she had and I started playing with them. I found out I turned her on by playing with her nipples. I slowly slid my hand down her tank top and realized she wasn't wearing a bra. I squeezed and played with her boobs so much she started reaching for my dick. She grabbed and rubbing my dick through my jeans and she told me "pull it out" I did and she immediately grabbed it saying "you're big" and jacked me off. I looked over at her and said "I dare you to put it in your mouth" she responded with "I was" and bent over and wrapped her lips around my dick. Finally no condom she was deepthroating me again. I pushed her head down trying to fit it all inside her mouth but she started gagging and we got scared. We checked and peeked but no one heard, plus we can still hear our moms gossiping. So I pulled out a book from her tank top and started sucking on them. She played with my hair and tried reaching for my dick again. This tent is small so we couldn't move much we did a cycle of these things until I told her the restroom is unoccupied and our parents are drunk by this point. We can lie to our cousins if they hear or ask. She agreed and meet me in the bathroom. She quickly turned around and pulled her pants and underwear off. I rubbed her and finally I pushed my dick inside her going slow since its her first. She started bleeding and almost freaked out but I held her tight and told her I'll take care of her. She bite my hand that was covering her mouth and I continued to fuck her. It was a quickie and she told me not to cum on her so I finished on a toilet paper. She stood there leaning against the wall taking deep breathes. I helped her get to the couch and we set there the rest of the visit. That's my up to date story and that recent day was about a month ago. I'm visiting her today I found out her mom is working again, maybe ill get to fuck her again.


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