My friends try to touch my girlfriend

I have always gone out for a drink with my male friends every Friday while my girlfriend meets her friends and we usually end up coming back to our place for a chat and something to eat.
A few months ago we were back at the house having a drink when my girlfriend came back really drunk after a birthday party. She slumped down on the sofa between two of the guys, whilst I went in the kitchen to make coffee in an effort to sober her up. I wondered what was going on as I could hear her laughing and giggling in the room, so I hurried with the drinks.
When I came in, I noticed that the buttons on her top were unfastened. I should have said something right there, but made the mistake of pretending not to notice. Now they seem to think that it’s ok for them to touch her every time they come back to the house. They don’t even try to hide if from me anymore. Last week I had to watch while she was sitting on the floor watching TV while the guys took turns to slide their hand down her top and play with her breasts. She does nothing to stop them and she has stopped wearing a bra when she knows they are coming which encourages them even more.
I have spoken to her when we are alone and asked her to stop them, but she says it’s only a bit of harmless fun and when I mention it to my friends, they just make a joke about it, saying that I am lucky to have such a hot girlfriend. I don’t want to end my relationship or lose all my friends, but I can see things getting out of hand if I don’t put a stop to it somehow.

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  • I used to work for an electrical engineering company.
    There were a couple of girls worked in the office, but we rarely came into contact with them, however there was this girl worked in the stores, packing and sending out parts.
    She was young and attractive with large breasts and had all of the guys drooling over her. As the only girl working in that area she received a lot of attention from the predominantly male workforce. The guys would often try to cop a feel of her tits when they were in there, but she always managed to fend them off.
    One day we had all been over to a nearby pub at lunchtime to celebrate one of the guy’s birthday. Sue came with us and the guys made sure that her wine glass was continuously topped up.
    We were all in high spirits due to the alcohol when we returned to work and a couple of us followed sue back into the stores. We joked about her showing us her breasts, but she just laughed. I was feeling quite horny and she seemed more relaxed than usual decided to take a chance squeezing her boobs from behind, but instead of pulling away and giving me a slap, which was the usual response, she just allowed me to fondle and squeeze them as my buddy watched. As she offered no resistance I decided to take things further and unclipped her bra, letting her tits free. For the next few minutes she let us take turns sucking and squeezing her nipples. I like the way girls get more adventurous when they have a drink.

  • I have to say, I love when other men touch me, and have sex with me, I can hold my liquor, but I pretend to be drunk and wasted. My bf friends all touch me, I've had sex with most of them. Even his father took advantage of the situation. They all pretend to help me into the car, start feeling me up, fingering me, or at the house bring me to the room , and undress me and fuck me. And my bf father told him to sleep on the couch, while I slept in the room by myself, but later on he came into the room, and just started touching me, I figured I'd give him a surprise and pretended he was my bf and sucked him off, then I let him fuck me. And til this day it still happens sometimes. I even rolled over once and had sex with his brother, making him think I was having sex with my bf.

  • Just enjoy it mate, I know I would love it

  • I like the sound of this, but would feel too jealous to let my own wife do this.
    I would like to join in with these guys and feel up your wife. There is something so wrong about doing it in front of you that it makes me hard thinking about it.
    IF you can handle it, then go for it.

  • I admit, I'm a jealous sort...Wasn't often, but, with my ex-wife, one guy from our former group of friends, who was nice enough, did have a tendency to get a bit close or moderately hands-on with her, especially when he knew we were having problems. She had her faults, but, would get away from him, or even if it was fake at the time, get very close and lovey with me so he'd hold up.

    Am dating a woman now, for the second go-round, who talks to every guy we see and, dumbly considers it just being friendly (she has health issues, so we don't get out very much), whereas they mostly see it as an open invite. Never really had a problem, but one night, stopped at my usual place on the way home, and she'd already had a few. I'm protective of her, as she's easily one of the most beautiful, gorgeous women I've ever seen or known, and we ended up talking to a guy I know there.

    He moved his ass right over to us, of course, on her side not mine. I had to piss the whole time but held it in, not willing to leave him alone with her for even 2 solid minutes. He could see she was getting drunk, and I noticed his left hand go for her low back. I stopped that right in place, giving him a direct look and saying his name in an accusational tone "Jim-my?", causing his hand to move back on top of the bar. Met him at the same place a few days later, and brought up the prior evening.

    He said he liked her, thought she was nice, and didn't mention the touching attempt. I did, however. Told him "I'll cut your hand and other things off if you try that shit again..Hands off Melissa". I damn well know that if I wasn't with her that night, or, he didn't know we were together, he'd have tried to been all over her in her inebrieted, weakened state. I now keep her and us out of that place. Will go in by myself, but not take her there.

  • This past weekend we went out for my 29th birthday, my husband, 3 friends, and his 2 cousins. After dinner we went to a club, and started dancing. I was dancing with everyone, the club was packed, and all 5 of them felt me up, we were dancing in ways we shouldn't have. It was an amazing feeling how these men all wanted me, the things they whispered in my ear, the way we were dancing, the feeling of their hard cocks, as it rubbed against me, then through my hand on their pants. How they grabbed my breast, and worked their way into my pussy with their finger. Before the night was over I kissed one of the cousins, just a peck. But it was a great feeling.

  • Did your husband see what was going on and allowed it to continue?
    Just imagine the thrill if they had been able to get you away from the eyes of the public,
    Perhaps outside behind the club, where they could properly share you.
    It sounds as if you would be open to taking on several men at the same time.
    How nice to be delivered back to you waiting husband full of their cum.

  • My husband was dancing with the other women that came out with us, he has said that sometimes I am a bit friendly with people. And I do have some sort of standards, so it wouldn't be in the back of the club, has to be in a room, I'd even be okay with the car. But now that I am sober, I was alittle disappointed with his cousins. They're family and to disrespect their own blood, idk.

  • Punch them fuckers in the face next time they touch her. Problem solved. If your too much of a pussy to do that, then they will not stop, and soon, they will be fucking her.

  • Since your clueless I'll tell you what is going to happen. In a short matter of time she will no longer be your GF. She is going to be wilding out and you don't fit in that scenario what so ever.

  • One of my friends used to date my wife before we got together; we still all go out together at weekends and I often catch her flirting with him. It sometimes feels a bit strange knowing that this guy has fucked my wife before I did and it doesn’t help that she sometimes teases me that he was bigger. I think because he has this past connection with her that he still thinks it’s OK to touch when he feels like it.
    Last weekend, she was wearing a dress with buttons at the front, and after making a comment that she was not showing enough cleavage, he reached across and undid the top few buttons. It was then far too low and everyone was looking, but she just laughed and left it undone.
    She swears to me that she would never sleep with him again, but I don’t much like the control he has over her and his disregard for me.

  • This is hot, I like the notion of someone other than my husband exposing my breasts in public, while my husband is forced to watch. Even better if people nearby were tempted to run their hands over them.

  • Even hotter if your husband is tied to a chair facing the bed and you are taken by two men while he watches helplessly as they use you.

  • You have to say something mate

  • We have a friend James, and whenever his girl Amanda gets wasted, her legs and mouth open for anyone. And it's like she doesn't remember or plays dumb. She calls James name when we're fucking her

  • There are more girls than you would imagine that would behave like this given the chance.
    They love to be the centre of attention and have the ability to please several men at the same time, but worry about reputation if too many people know, this is why they will blame alcohol, claiming they were not in control of their actions, or can’t remember anything, but see how many girls do this on Bachelorette parties, Girl only vacations and in cases where the husband approves.

  • You hit the hammer right on the nail. 44y/o female here, and I can definitely agree to the last post. Girl only vacations it's almost an agreement to mess around, and I sure have and so did the rest of the girls, all married with kids.

  • I think that women of your age are so much hotter than younger girls.
    They are not interested in playing games and just want to get down to some hot passionate sex. In my experience, they give the best blow jobs, have the most intense orgasms and know every trick in the book to please a man. Also they are not afraid to tell you what they want.
    I think a woman in her 40s is at her sexual peak.

  • Tell us about some of the things that you have done on these trips...

  • Some people like it when another man has control of their wife or girlfriend. A co-worker caught me feeling up his wife at the company Christmas party. I had taken her outside for some air and we were both quite drunk. Her husband had come out looking for her and caught us right in the act.
    There was no point in trying to deny anything; I had her up against the wall with my fingers in her pussy. He approached and I was preparing for a beating, but instead he just stood a short distance from us and watched silently. His wife whispered for me to carry on, so went on to fuck her right there in front of him. Apparently he gets off to watching her with other men, so I go around and take her whenever I want.

  • I love the idea of dominant men taking what they want. My first experience of this started back in high school, we learned about sex by comparing experiences with other girls who had done it with their boyfriends. My own boyfriend was always trying to persuade me to take him in my mouth, but my first time was with an older man that I used to babysit for. He pulled off the road when taking me home and I let him kiss me, then without warning he pulled my head down onto his knee and pressed his cock against my lips. Without thinking I opened my mouth and let him do it.
    When he came, I was surprised how much there was, it seemed to go everywhere. I admit that I didn’t really like the taste or texture at first, but manged to swallow it, as I thought this would be expected. I found myself letting him do it again the next time and it became something we would do regularly. He was a very confident, assertive man and told me exactly what he wanted me to do, which I am sure has been a benefit to the men I have met since.

  • My boyfriend’s dad did that to me one night.

  • Did you like it?

  • I loved it.

  • I think you should let them fuck her in the ass.

  • We already did that....we found out he posted here.

  • Did this not already get posted a few months ago, or is this how guys treat their friend's girlfriends now and it is happening to people everywhere?

  • Pretty sure he’s living a fantasy and reposting something similar to his last post. He probably forgot. 😐

  • Pussy

  • Update: It’s already too late; things have moved on since my last post and reached a new level at the weekend.
    My friends have started fondling my girlfriend when we are out in public and she openly encourages them. We had been out to a club and drank quite a bit. My girlfriend had been dancing provocatively with all of us and the guys had their hands all over her. Then out of the blue she took me to one side and whispered to me that she was really horny and wanted a threesome. I said no, but she told me it was too late it had been agreed.
    I felt sick for the rest of the night, knowing that she had left me no choice in the matter. She sat in the back of the taxi between the guys and they were all over her, then for the first time I saw that she was kissing them passionately. As soon as we were back in the house, they took her into the kitchen where they had her tightly pressed between them, one in front and one behind. They couldn’t get her dress off fast enough and before I could say anything she was standing there completely naked as they continued to paw at her naked body.
    I couldn't actually believe how excited I felt seeing her perform like this with two men. She showed a level of arousal and pleasure that I had never witnessed when we made love together. I found myself willing them to use her in every way they could and before I knew it, I was also undressing and joining in. I have to say it was the most exciting and intense sex that I have ever experienced. She seemed insatiable that night. I don’t think that things will ever be the same after this.

  • For some women, one man will never be enough. That's just how it is. For men who can accept it, this is one wild ride! Since you were so very aroused seeing her with the other guys that you actually joined in, you may well be such a guy.

    I very much hope that you two can talk and work through your issues and make your relationship work.

  • Dude, she obviously can't handle her booze, as it makes her horny as fuck. You should have known better to take her out with your friends, especially since they previously felt her up. I can only assume that you now like it, otherwise you are dumbest motherfucker on the planet.

    Your friends should have asked permission first, though. Your gf should have asked too. I hope she needs you for your money, because that's the only reason for her to hang with you at this point. She's getting better dick elsewhere. Don't be surprised if she's going to orgies and gangbangs with out you in the near future.

  • I think she is a lucky woman to have a boyfriend like you. I know it might feel uncomfortable at first but for the long run, you lose nothing. She's a whore, sure. But you will have so much fun with a slutty gf. Next time, try to film your orgy and livestream it for example. I would love it if my boyfriend let me perform to the world

  • I can relate to the girlfriend's excitement. I was in my mid 30s when something like this happened to me; the boys were still at college, so around 18 – 19, they were strong and athletic, so had no problem in making me submit to their will. I enjoyed being restrained whilst they used me like a slut. I often fantasize about it when making love with my husband, my orgasms are so intense when I do this.

  • Looks like it’s time for new friends and a new girlfriend. None of them respect you or care about your feelings. You deserve better.

  • I'd lose the friends in a heartbeat

  • The best think to do is boot the cow out the door for good .

  • It’s already out of hand.

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