Unsure Son

So my son likes to randomly grab myself or my husband on the d**k. Also when wrestling with me or putting his arms around me from behind I can feel him slightly get aroused. The other night he got in to the alcohol and got pretty drunk. I tried to get him to bed and sat him up to drink a bit of water to help. I had to hold him up with one arm and help him drink with the other. While holding him up, he took one of my hands and placed it on top of his blanket right where his crotch was and put his hand over mine to hold it there. He finally fell asleep and I was able to move my hand off. He says he does not remember anything from that night. He swears that he is straight, but these types of things confuse me. I don’t care if he is straight or not, but what is also weird is that I really don’t seem to mind when those things happen. Not that I do or would take advantage of him, but I just don’t know if I should say something to him or just let it keep going the way it is?

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