How I became an adult performer

My boyfriend, now husband, and I lived in New York for a few years. He was posted there for work, I ended up studying at NYU. We had a great time and the anonymity of living far from Sydney led to us getting up to some fun activities that I never would have done at home.

We started going to strip shows. After a few times I started wearing more and more revealing outfits to the shows. Short skirts no knickers, blouse unbuttoned without a bra, hoping to give guys a flash. I even thought about getting up on stage myself but was afraid someone we knew, even though we didn’t know many people, would see me.

So when we went to Vegas for a vacation I suggested we go to Reno and look for an amateur strip show. I was both excited and nervous as we drove out to the venue. However once inside the mood left me. Disappointed, we left and I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t live out my fantasy. Or so I thought.

Back in New York, but still on vacation, we went to “Showgirls” a strip club. We also had some coke which I wished we’d had in Vegas because it makes me horny and turns me into a real exhibitionist. Showgirls is different to other clubs, the stage is surrounded by booths and I imagine most guys are in their booth wanking while they watch the show. Our plan was slightly different. I wanted Nic to fuck me from behind while we watched the show. We started fucking in our booth but people kept knocking on the door which ruined the mood so we gave up.

Still horny we decided to go to another club but on the way out noticed some booths that offered private shows. Even better, I thought, now the performer can watch us while we watch her. We found a girl and went in to our side of the booth then I gave Nic a blow job while she sat in a chair on the other side of glass and put on a show. It was great but I wanted more and had an idea.

The following night we went back with, more coke, and a plan. We asked one of the girls if we could pay her for a show, but instead of her putting on a show For Nic, I would. We wanted it to feel like the real thing so I asked if I could get changed somewhere and come out dressed as if I was a real stripper.

While I was getting changed I was really turned on. So much so that wearing nothing but suspenders, g string and a Demi bra I walked around the area for a few minutes before meeting up with Nic. I loved the guys checking me out and even had a few offers but said I was already booked. I was definitely in better shape than the other girls and had that “girl next door look”.

As I approached Nic another guy approached me. When I said I was booked he said he would wait. Before I could come up with another excuse Nic stepped in and offered a solution. He said he would be happy for the guy to watch with him! For a minute I freaked out but then thought “this is my chance” and said ok. The guy wasn’t keen but when Nic said he would pay all the cost he agreed to do it.

I was tingling with excitement and went in to my side of the booth. I sat in the chair and slowly took off my bra then playing with my tits. I was getting really turned on and my eyes were completely focussed on the other guy. He pulled down his pants and when he started rubbing his cock I almost came instantly. By now I had my knickers off and with my legs spread wide was playing with my pussy, spreading my lips, one then two fingers in my pussy and even fingered my arse. I was horny as hell. I glanced at Nic who was obviously loving it, but then went back to focus on the other guy. When he came, spurting cum all over the floor, I had one of the best orgasms ever!

We went back a few more times together, same routine, found a guy who was happy to share, and I would put on a show. I loved it so much I even signed up with management and started going on my own.

Not only that but I bought see through knickers and bra. There I was, waiting for “customers“ while guys could clearly see my bald pussy. I got lot’s of work and loved it so much we went back to Reno and this time I did get up on stage.

Back in Sydney I wish I could find somewhere that I was confident there would be no one in the audience I knew.


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