Tried Black

I am 23 F married for two years and?
Last week our neighbor was having a sprinkler system installed in their yard and for three days I watched this young black digging the trenches, god his muscles bulged and his dark skin glistened in the blazing sun sweating up a storm but I decided I'd take him a cold drink and maybe just talk to him for a bit.
I approached him holding the tumbler of iced tea and he caught my eye and all I could do was stare at his tight body as he took th3e drink from my hand and promptly drained the class full in what was like one gulp I was about to ask him if he wanted another he licked his lips and said thanks as his eyes burned into mine, god I was getting so turned on and my mind was racing the out of the blue he told me I had a great ass for the shorts I was wearing didn't hide anything, his hands took hold of me pulling me closer to hi, and he gave me several kisses and I started to say no but what came out of my mouth was more like a moan than anything else. He continued to kiss me and after the fourth kiss I began kissing him back.
In no time he was fucking me right there in my neighbors back yard and I'll admit I wanted him to. God 11 inches of fore arm thick meat pounding away at my pussy and he had me screaming on his cock as he bottomed out in me even trying to push more and more of his meat into me. Gave me another one of his lasting kisses and shoved his cock back into me making me cum over and over on him and then it happene3d. He lifted my hip up to him he shoved all of his meat into me and started in filling me with his cum and I had the best orgasm of my life on him at that same moment. we layed there him on top of me his cock softening a bit at a time kissing me and I him and I thanked him gave him another kiss and started in pushing myself up to him. He raised up a bit looked me into my eyes and said god you really love getting my black meat in you deep, all I could do is answer him yes and gave him another kiss telling him god I'd love to take you home and have you fuck me daily he told me if I was around I'd want you a lot more than just daily as he shoved his hardening cock back into me.
He fucked me hard for another 20 minutes or so and he finally came in me once again making me cum on him over and over. I begged for him to stop but he wouldn't and kept fucking me even with his kinda soft cock still making me cum on him and god all wanted was him in me and I was getting what I was thinking about 2 hours ago.
Finally he stopped but left his cock in me as my pussy clenched down on his cock and everything he said to me my body was responding more and more to his meat inside of me.
I've never felt so full as I felt at that moment, when he kissed me telling me I could have lunch with you tomorrow if you wanted me to, I kissed him and said yes to him, he patted my ass telling me over and over I had a cute one and he could fall in love with it if I wasn't married, I kissed him and told him he could any way. He kissed me again and told me but for now he had to get back to work and finish the one trench he was digging in or else his dad was going to have a fit. Then it happened his softening cock slipped out of me and man did his cum flow from me, I have never had so much in me even when I was taken by 5 others at a party last year.
He went back to work and all I did for the rest of the day was watch him and his bulging muscles, close my eyes dreaming of his hard cock back in me driving me to another orgasm.

3.5 years ago


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    • That's disgusting. Only a woman with serious self esteem or mental issues would allow a colored man to have sex with her. Especially allowing him to fuck you without a condom. Everyone knows that colored men have a 80% higher chance of having HIV or another STD than white men. You really should seek some psychiatric help, and get yourself tested for STDs.

    • I agree with what you said about colored men, blacks on the other hand put white man cock to ashame.Go girl

    • SHE should seek psychiatric help?

    • I did and I am clean

    • Then go back and go get yourself more of that delicious black cock

    • I cheated on my hubby with a black friend.He videoed us on his phone,it didn't bother me at the time.Then a week later asked me for more sex,when I refused he sent me a clip of his cock plunging into my mouth.I was slightly turned on but then he threatened to send videos to my hubby.I pleaded with him but he sent another video of him fucking me from behind.So I gave in and fucked him again and again,whenever he asked.I'll admit the sex was always good and after I stopped being worried I began enjoying it so much and craved it more and more and got wet when I knew he was coming to see me.I know I'm a slut.

    • I'm 21,my bf 25.A couple of his friends stayed at ours for a weekend,a few months ago.The Saturday night was full of drinking and smoking weed.Sometime after 1 in the morning,my bf was passed out on the sofa,so I proceeded to have fun with his friends.They were 26 & 28,a white guy and a black guy.Both nice bodies and huge dicks.We had a threesome in the spare room.We did pretty much everything.My pussy was constantly being pleasured.I loved it when they took turns fucking me but also loved being spit roasted.Only thing we didn't try was one in my ass,one in my pussy.Anyway I lost count how many times I came.

    • Love it. I wish my gf j could experience that. Thanks for sharing!

    • No problem.

    • I crave to have 4 men take there turn fucking me and cum all over my chest and stomach while my boyfriend sits in the corner and watches while he jacks off, slowly so he doesn't cum before he gets his turn. i want him to see every move i make and watch his face as the others do as they please to me
      i want them to put me in any position they want while they fuck me, while they are taking there turns i will use my hands an mouth on the others to keep them hard so they get me off when it's there turn. i like it hard an rough so the harder there dick is the better it is for me. once they are all finished cumming on what ever body part they want, ill bring my boyfriend over lay on my back an have him slowly eat me out, he's always wanted to eat me out after another man has fucked me, once he's had enough of everyone's left overs i want him to stick it in deep an fuck me hard u til he blows his hot thick massive load deep inside me, once he's done i want him to finger me getting his fingers deep in me with all of his cum on his fingers i'll lick them clean an beg him for another round 💋

      xoxo- j.

    • I didn't have to beg for another round with Washington, he gave it to me without asking no more than four hours after the first time, just said he wanted more of before going home for the night.
      Thursday he didn't show up at all but Friday god just like Wednesday a good thing I had a bit of break from him for it was like heaven was bestowed upon me one more time, Ha one time hell it lasted for five hours having his cock in me all of the time.

    • My gf j wants to be fucked by a monster thick Cock. I told her about this story I know she about wet her panties. We have recently been talking about getting her in a gangbang (4-5 guys ) including me....I'd love to see her take multiple cocks and be covered with cum.

    • I so enjoy sluts

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