NOT A REAL STORY!!!I was sneaking around one day and I found something strange in a family members bed. Nobody was home so I took a look and it was a vibrator wand. I didn’t know what it was so I looked it up. Once I found out my heart immediately dropped and J started shaking. But I was intrigued. I turned it on and carefully pulled down my pants and panties. I held it on my clit and my leg muscles tightened. It felt sooo good. I wasn’t sure if it was the thrill of being sneaky or the vibration on my wet pussy but I was about to cum for the first time. I came all over her sheets and quickly wiped it up. I sat on the floor turning the vibrator back on. I wanted to see if I could torture myself. I held it on my pussy for about five minutes and my whole face turned red. I was squirming and screaming but it felt so good. I had a HUGE orgasm. About three of them actually. My pussy begging for mercy while it was pouring out cum. It felt soo good. I hear the front door open but I didn’t think fast enough. My mom walked in and stood there still. In shock. “What are you doing with my vibrator?” My mom asked with a smirk. She got on the floor next to me and I was so embarrassed. I told her it was my first time and it felt good, also that i was sorry. She accepted my apology and began touching my wet cunt.I began to move away but she grabbed my boobs and squeezed. She began kissing me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I loved it. She took off her clothes and began licking my pussy. I came so hard. She said she would torture me the right way and I gave her my consent. She was edging me with her vibrator which made me cum once again. My clit pulsating and my nipples hard. We left off there but let’s say that wasn’t the last time. She also ended up inviting her boyfriend over the next day who had a huge thick cock. My pussy was destroyed, I was a virgin before that day.



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  • Another one written by a sick guy. Hope someone goes through you personal stuff and maybe you will realize thats an invasion of privacy dude.

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