Misunderstanding masturbation

At 39 years old I found myself a divorced mom with two teens a son and daughter . Chasing after them and working a full time job didn't leave a lot of time for dating much less meeting someone and knowing them long enough to have a sexual relationship . I fussed about this to my sister one day who offered some help by offering to keep the kids now and then but she has three of her own and her hands full. A couple of weeks later she tried to help again by making the gift of vibrating sex toy to me embarrassed I thanked her and even as intriguing as it was I thought I would never use it . Then on Saturday I thought I had the house to myself so I took a shower did my hair and makeup but was in no hurry to get dressed . I walked around the house nude poured myself a glass of wine and sat nude on the sofa watching t.v and painting my nails . With my nails dry and few glasses of wine me still enjoying my freedom and comfort of being nude I walked around the house again and to retrieve the vibe from its hidding place . I sat on the sofa unboxed it and then searched the kids rooms for three good AA batteries and it up and running . It is called a rabbit vibe with penis shaped shaft with a rotating head and a row of spinning beads in the shaft and thumb like clit stimulator coming off the shaft . I turned it off and on a few times and then was like what the hell I'll try it . Off to my bedroom I lay down and played with myself rubbing and fingering until I was soaking wet and then slipped the vibe inside me slowing working in deep enough for the clit stimulator to meet my clit and turned both functions on low . Wow it felt good really good so up to setting number 2 Omg it's great then setting number three and Wow oh my dear god !! its head was rotating deep inside me and the beads spinning near my g-spot with the intense stimulation? on my clit I was near orgasm quickly . Working myself with vibe while my hips are bucking and my back arched the first orgasm hit me and moaned and screamed a little . Soon the waves of organs came in waves one after the other as my hips bucked and back arched and my eyes was closed as in was in an orgasmic heaven . Next the O was building an orgasm so intense i didn't think I could bring myself through it . When the Big O hit I let go of the vibe and it slipped out of cum soaked pussy but just for a second or two before I felt it go back inside me . I open my eyes to see my son standing beside my bed hold the vibe inside me before I could say a word the Big O began to return and I couldn't stop myself . I was bucking my hips wildly and screaming and at some point screamed fuck me son fuck me fuck mommy . I felt the vibe slip out again but something else slip inside me i open my eyes to find my son on the bed pumping away in me I screamed OMG son what are you doing !! He replied you said to fuck you . Omg I meant with the vibe . To orgasmic to stop him as I felt other Big O coming I bucked to meet his strokes and screamed until had a huge orgasm and cum around his cock a few pumps later he was filling me full of his cum . I lay there motionless exhausted and coming down from orgasm . He lay beside me and I said you fucked me omg you just fucked tour mother ! He looked confused and said but you told me mom . I was no son I meant with the vibe . We decided it was misunderstanding and we should never let anyone know it happen .


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  • Good. Now only the world knows so there's no one left to know anyhow.
    Now, you are in denial however you know you know as well as we do that your son carried out exactly what you desired. You only wrote different to try to hide it girl. Besides, both your son & you have global support now!!

  • You are probably asian, tiny giveaways in your grammar. That thought made me so hot!

  • Why shouldn't it happen again?

  • Exactly, your son is probably better than any toy

  • Love this story

  • Nice fantasy.

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